Startup Showcase: B-Guest Transforms Guest Engagement in the Hotel Industry

Enhancing hotel experiences, boosting revenues, and reducing costs

In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, hotels are constantly searching for innovative solutions to enhance guest experiences, increase revenues, and streamline operations. B-Guest, a Lisbon-based startup, has emerged as a game-changer in the industry with its revolutionary Guest Engagement Platform. Designed to bridge the gap between hotels and guests, B-Guest offers a comprehensive suite of services that integrate seamlessly with hotel management systems, empowering hotels to reduce costs, boost revenues, and create happier guests.

Check-In: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Sustainability

One of the standout features of B-Guest’s platform is its automated check-in process, which streamlines manual check-in procedures both online and at the reception desk. By eliminating the need for paper documents, B-Guest not only saves hotels valuable time but also promotes eco-friendly practices. This digital transformation reduces costs associated with printing and storing paperwork, while simultaneously providing guests with a smoother and more efficient check-in experience.

Check-Out: Enhancing Guest Satisfaction

B-Guest takes guest satisfaction to new heights with its streamlined check-out process. By offering guests the option to bypass the traditional reception desk, hotels can significantly reduce the workload at the front desk, allowing staff to focus on delivering personalized services. This innovative approach not only increases operational efficiency but also enhances guest satisfaction by providing a seamless and hassle-free check-out experience.

In-Stay Marketing Campaigns: Personalized and Proactive Communication

The power of effective communication cannot be underestimated when it comes to guest satisfaction. B-Guest’s Guest Engagement Platform enables hotels to automate personalized and proactive in-stay marketing campaigns. Using multiple communication channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, and Facebook Messenger, hotels can engage with guests in real-time, providing them with relevant information and opportunities for upselling. This targeted approach enhances the guest experience, leading to increased revenues and positive reviews.

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Mobile Concierge: Empowering Guests with On-Demand Services

To cater to the evolving needs of modern travelers, B-Guest offers a Mobile Concierge feature that allows hotel guests to access and request hotel services through a native app available on iOS and Android devices, as well as a web app and a chatbot. From room service requests to spa reservations, guests can effortlessly explore and make use of all the amenities offered by the hotel. This user-friendly interface puts the power in the hands of guests, allowing them to personalize their stay and enjoy a truly immersive experience.

Ratings: Real-Time Feedback and Reputation Management

In today’s interconnected world, online reviews and ratings play a significant role in shaping a hotel’s reputation. B-Guest understands this and provides a real-time feedback mechanism for guests to share their experiences during their stay. By facilitating open and transparent communication, B-Guest helps hotels identify areas for improvement promptly and address guest concerns before they turn into negative reviews on social media platforms. This proactive approach to reputation management empowers hotels to continuously enhance their services and maintain a stellar online presence.


In conclusion, B-Guest’s Guest Engagement Platform is revolutionizing the hotel industry by providing hotels with innovative tools to optimize guest experiences, increase revenues, and reduce costs. With its integrated services, including automated check-in and check-out processes, personalized in-stay marketing campaigns, a mobile concierge, and real-time feedback mechanisms, B-Guest empowers hotels to excel in an increasingly competitive market.

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