Startup Showcase: AppFollow – The One-Stop Platform to Drive Mobile App Growth and Increase Customer Loyalty

AppFollow is a Helsinki-based B2B SaaS company offering a one-stop platform to help drive mobile app growth and increase customer loyalty. Founded in 2015, AppFollow has quickly become a leading provider of mobile app analytics and optimization tools, serving over 50,000 companies from all over the world, including HBO, Merc, Sky, Wrike, Airbnb, Hubspot, Uber, Swisscom, Robinhood, Gett, Jam City, Pixonic, Wargaming, and more.

Transforming Mobile App Growth

The mobile app market is highly competitive, with millions of apps vying for user attention. AppFollow is addressing the challenges of the market by providing a suite of tools that help app owners optimize their apps for maximum growth and customer satisfaction. With AppFollow, app owners can track keywords performance, increase organic installs with App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools, track competitors and market leaders, and deliver critical analytics around app reviews and search results in positions straight to email, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Helpshift, Intercom, and 30 more integrations.

AppFollow’s platform supports five stores (App Store, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Amazon), and provides translation from 31 languages, covering all countries. This makes it easy for app owners to track their performance across multiple platforms and markets, and to stay on top of user feedback and engagement. With AppFollow, app owners can identify trends and opportunities, optimize their app performance, and stay ahead of the competition.

Empowering App Owners with One-Stop Platform

AppFollow’s one-stop platform is empowering app owners of all sizes to optimize their apps for maximum growth and customer loyalty. With a suite of powerful tools, AppFollow makes it easy for app owners to track their performance, analyze user feedback, and optimize their app for maximum engagement. AppFollow’s platform is user-friendly and easy to use, with a range of integrations that make it easy to stay connected and engaged with users.

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AppFollow’s platform is highly customizable, allowing app owners to tailor their approach to their specific needs and goals. Whether they are looking to increase downloads, improve ratings and reviews, or enhance user engagement, AppFollow has the tools and expertise to help them achieve their objectives.


AppFollow is a Helsinki-based B2B SaaS company that is transforming the mobile app market with its one-stop platform for driving app growth and increasing customer loyalty. With a suite of powerful tools and integrations, AppFollow is empowering app owners of all sizes to optimize their apps for maximum growth and engagement. AppFollow’s platform is highly scalable and customizable, making it a trusted choice for some of the biggest names in the industry. AppFollow is a startup to watch, as it continues to innovate and transform the mobile app market.





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