Startup Showcase: Adaffix, Reinventing Your Phone Call Experience

Revitalizing Telephony through Contextual Content Integration

Join us on another journey through the exciting landscape of EU startups. Today, we put the spotlight on Adaffix, an innovative Austrian company transforming how we perceive and engage with phone calls. Born in the heart of Vienna, Adaffix is adding an exciting new dimension to a staple of our daily communication.

Empowering Calls with Relevant Content

Adaffix is pioneering a new frontier in telephony by enriching the phone call experience with relevant, contextual content in real time. Their primary service, YELLIX, subtly integrates this content, providing users with valuable information precisely when it matters most.

By connecting phone numbers with names and other pertinent details, Adaffix’s technology enhances the simplicity of traditional phone calls. It breathes new life into a familiar technology, propelling it into a new era that harmoniously blends the benefits of digital connectivity with the intimate nature of a phone call.

An Evolutionary Leap for Telephony

The genius of Adaffix lies in its seemingly obvious yet overlooked innovation – why not combine the instant communication of a phone call with the breadth of information available online? The answer is a product that truly enhances the calling experience, making it more engaging and informative for its users.

Adaffix isn’t merely redefining the telephony industry; it’s shaping a new industry standard. The startup has already bagged several coveted accolades, such as the Global Mobile Award 2010, Mobile Premier Award 2010, and the T-Mobile Android Award 2009 – evidence of its groundbreaking contribution to modern communication.

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The Minds Behind the Revolution

The brainchild of Claudia Poepperl, John Lisek, and Mathias Schroeder, Adaffix was founded in 2009 and has since established its headquarters in Vienna. The team’s visionary approach and commitment to enhancing telephony have positioned Adaffix as a frontrunner in the communication tech industry.

In conclusion, Adaffix is an exemplar of the innovative potential of startups. By rethinking the possibilities of a well-established communication channel, they have created a service that truly enriches the user experience. As we navigate the digital age, the importance of such forward-thinking companies cannot be understated.


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