Sailing High in Sales: Meet 15 Emerging Startups from Noord-Holland

Dutch Courage in Sales and Commerce: Spotlight on The Netherlands' Dynamic Startups

The entrepreneurial spirit in Noord-Holland is propelling a flurry of startups making their mark in the sales industry. These companies are blending cutting-edge technology with traditional sales practices to offer innovative products and services. Here, we dive into the profiles of 15 emerging startups that are reshaping the sales landscape in this bustling Dutch region.

VAICE: Turning Sales Talk Into Action

VAICE is a voice collaboration platform that promises to “Turn Sales Talk Into Action.” The startup, co-founded by Arthur Verlaan and Eric Burnik, operates at the crossroads of sales and speech recognition.

EuroStocks: A One-Stop Automotive Shop

EuroStocks provides automotive vehicles, parts, accessories, tires, and wheelsets services. The startup is a go-to destination for automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

Circos: Revolutionizing Online Clothing Shopping

Circos offers an array of clothing products through its online shop. Co-founded by Erick Bouwer, this startup is bringing a fresh approach to e-commerce and consumer lending.

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Myndfuel: Fuelling Mindful Wellness Journeys

Myndfuel is a webshop for supplements, books, foods, and other items designed to support your mindful keto or low-carb journey. The startup stands at the intersection of e-commerce, fitness, health care, and wellness.

Constrive: Empowering Brands with Omnichannel Sales Solutions

Constrive provides robust omnichannel sales solutions for brands, reshaping how businesses reach and engage with customers.

IMOAN: Designing Trendsetting Leather Bags

IMOAN is a designer company specializing in crafting stylish leather bags. The company operates in the fields of consumer goods, fashion, manufacturing, and sales.

Jacqi: Delivering Luxury Bathrobes

Jacqi is an e-commerce platform that offers luxury bathrobes. This startup is blending consumer goods, e-commerce, and sales to provide a top-tier shopping experience.

Plogsack: Innovating Modular Backpacks for Plogging Activities

Plogsack designs modular backpacks specifically for plogging activities. The company provides practical and stylish solutions for eco-friendly consumers.

Five East: Your Destination for Season-Transcending Staple Pieces

Five East is an online platform offering refined staple pieces that transcend seasons. The startup is redefining retail, e-commerce, and sales.

AQUILA: A Multi-Product Online Store

AQUILA is an Amsterdam-based multi-product online store. The startup is making a name for itself in the consumer goods, e-commerce, and sales industries.

Social Media Marketing Agency Holland: Delivering Client Solutions

Social Media Marketing Agency Holland is an agency focusing on client solutions in social media, marketing, advertising, and sales implementation.

Minerals and Rocks: Selling Earth’s Natural Treasures

Minerals and Rocks is an online store selling mineral rocks. The startup is catering to enthusiasts and collectors of nature’s diverse geological offerings.

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Kruller & Ko.: Curating Vintage and Eclectic Home Decor

Kruller & Ko. is a webshop for vintage, eclectic, and romantic interior products. The startup is setting trends in home decor and e-commerce.

Whoowha: Stylish Clothing and Lifestyle Accessories

Whoowha is an online store selling clothing and lifestyle accessories. The startup is making waves in the fashion, jewelry, lifestyle, and sales industries.

PRO Tweewielers: Reselling Bicycle Parts and Accessories

PRO Tweewielers is a reseller of bicycle parts and accessories. The startup is creating a niche for itself in the cycling, retail, and sales industries.


These Noord-Holland-based startups are powering the sales industry with their innovative ideas and solutions. Keep an eye on these vibrant companies as they continue to make strides in the Dutch and global entrepreneurial scene.

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