Revolutionizing HR: South East’s Latest Power Move in the Business World

Emerging business trends lead to historic acquisition, poised to reshape HR landscape

Key Takeaways:

  • Loch Associates Group cements its position in the HR industry with its maiden acquisition since its inception in 2007.
  • Sightscreen HR’s integration is anticipated to boost Loch HR’s turnover by a remarkable 20%.
  • Expansion plans mark a bright future for HR services in the South East, spotlighting the growing demand for specialized HR solutions.

A Historic Leap

In what can be deemed a monumental shift for the Human Resource domain in the South East, Loch Associates Group, the front-runner in multi-service law and HR business, has set the wheels in motion with the acquisition of the renowned Sightscreen HR. This move is in tandem with the Group’s broader vision to fortify its burgeoning HR business, especially after its staggering achievement of doubling both its turnover and team size in just the span of three years.

The Jewel in the Crown

Positioned in Kent, Sightscreen HR under the astute leadership of Managing Director Ben Holt has made notable waves in the industry. Boasting an illustrious clientele, including names like the National Portrait Gallery, its spectrum of services ranges from critical strategy formulations, restructuring, and policy overhauls to mastering the art of recruitment and effectively overseeing disciplinary and grievance procedures.

With this acquisition, Loch Associates Group doesn’t just mark their first ever but also lays down a clear road map of its ambition. The goal? To be heralded as the paramount HR entity in the South East. As the strategic moves suggest, Loch Associates Group is on a proactive hunt, seeking further worthy HR companies for acquisition, particularly eyeing territories in Kent, Sussex, and the grandeur of London.

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Leadership Insights

Pam Loch, the powerhouse Solicitor and Managing Director of Loch Associates Group, shed light on this momentous decision, attributing it to the surging market demand. “Our vision to expand our horizons and diversify our offerings has been greatly influenced by the evident surge in the demand for specialist HR consultations and support,” shared Pam.

Reiterating the sentiment and envisioning the vibrant future of the combined forces, Ben Holt, now wearing the dual hat of founder of Sightscreen HR and the new Managing Director of Loch HR, Training and Wellbeing, remarked, “Our united vision regarding the service quality for our clients made this consolidation a no-brainer. This amalgamation guarantees that we seize the growth opportunities ahead and persistently attract fresh clientele.”

Bridging the Best of Both Worlds

By strategically integrating Sightscreen HR’s leadership coaching and consultancy prowess with Loch Associate Group’s impeccable blend of legal and HR acumen, the business world can expect an unparalleled, industry-defining service tailored for UK businesses.

The Loch Associates Group’s acquisition, the financial details of which remain undisclosed, is setting a trailblazing path. It stands peerless in the South East, offering a comprehensive ensemble of legal, HR, well-being, and training services – all under a single umbrella. The primary objective? Assisting organizations to manage their workforce seamlessly while safeguarding their commercial interests. From Business and Employment Law, Immigration nuances, outsourced HR reinforcements, to Health and Safety Training, and specialized Wellbeing and Mediation Services – the Group promises a 360-degree solution to businesses.

As the corporate realm keenly observes the unfolding of this new chapter, the monumental acquisition spearheaded by Loch Associates Group doesn’t just signal growth for them but paints an optimistic future for the entire HR sector in the South East. The strategic fusion of two powerhouses is destined to raise the bar, setting new standards and charting unexplored territories in the HR landscape. Only time will tell just how transformative this acquisition will be.

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