Revolutionizing Agriculture: Can Digital Forecasting Optimise Fruit Growth and Yield?

Key takeaways:

  • HK Horticultural Knowledge is revolutionizing the fruit growth and yield forecasting in the Agriculture industry.
  • The startup uses a proprietary combination of data collection tools and algorithms to provide accurate forecasts for growers.
  • The platform maximizes crop yield by up to 20%, translating to a significant economic gain for farmers.
  • With solid industry backing, the startup demonstrates potential for future expansion and impact in the Agriculture sector.

In the challenging world of Agriculture, Italian Start-up, HK Horticultural Knowledge is transforming the way fruit growers optimize their harvest. The company is leveraging digital forecasting to revolutionize the cultivation and yield of fruit crops. Based in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, HK Horticultural Knowledge has given growers real-time, readily accessible monitoring and fruit growth forecast services.

Orchestrating a complex web of relations between trees and their environment, the start-up’s holistic approach furnishes fruit growers with much needed size and yield information ahead of the harvest. Using their online platform,, growers can accurately predict and adjust to keep their orchards thriving and their revenue flourishing.

What sets HK Horticultural Knowledge apart from other companies in the industry is its use of the sophisticated Calibit, a digital caliper with an onboard data logger. This innovative tool collects size data from fruits in the field, which the proprietary algorithms then process to create forecasts. The service extends to the main varieties of apple and pear, providing key information that helps growers optimize critical factors like irrigation, fruit thinning, and fertilization.

Moreover, the utilization of early production information, like size and quantity, forms an integral part of the brand’s strategy. The platform ensures growers have active drivers to manage irrigation systems and also creates a valuable tool for commercial staff to perform their tasks more effectively. These unique differentials, along with the strategic location in the heart of Italy’s fruit cultivation region, have made HK Horticultural Knowledge a promising player in the European Agri-tech scene.

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Looking into the future, HK Horticultural Knowledge aims to further expand its digital caliper’s application to other fruit varieties and large-scale farming setups. The company has already recorded success with maximizing crop yield by up to 20%, equivalent to around 4K€/ha for growers. This has far-reaching implications for the future of agriculture and food security in the region.

For those interested in following the growth of such an innovative Agri-tech startup, you can connect with HK Horticultural Knowledge on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For more information about their service offerings and the wealth of data resources they provide to growers, you can visit their official website.

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