How Might Autonomous Vehicles Revolutionise CleanTech Public Transportation?

    Key Takeaways:
  • Spacetrain, an autonomous vehicle start-up in France, is developing a unique, eco-friendly public transportation solution.
  • With an average speed of 540 km/h, Spacetrain’s model could hugely reduce commuting times and make inter-city travel more efficient.
  • By heavily focusing on the use of renewable materials and energies, the company is positioning itself as a pioneer within the CleanTech sector.

The future of public transportation could likely be on tracks — and faster than ever. French start-up Spacetrain is aiming to disrupt the CleanTech industry with its new conception of interurban mobility. Founded by Emeuric Gleizes, Spacetrain is located in Paris, France and is designing an autonomous, green and supercharged mode of transport.

Spacetrain’s engineering efforts are focused on creating a ground effect vehicle propelled by linear motors which are powered by embedded graphene batteries. These technologies are reminiscent of those conceptualised in the 1960s by French engineer Jean Bertin, but Spacetrain has boosted them into the 21st century. The result? A machine capable of reaching an impressive maximum speed of 720 km/h.

However, speed is not the only factor that makes Spacetrain stand out from its competitors in the transportation market. A true testament to CleanTech innovation, the company is committed to heavy use of renewable materials and energies in its design and operation processes. Alongside its low impact on the environment, the company’s ride is also autonomous, leveraging up-to-date calculators and software specially developed by the firm.

Moreover, Spacetrain is also championing the exploration and development of graphene, a potent material in the construction of their shuttle. As graphene is renowned for its extraordinary strength and conductivity properties, the firm’s reliance on it might prompt further research and innovations in this material sector.

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The future seems bright for Spacetrain. Standing at the intersection of CleanTech, transportation and high-speed rail, this French start-up is well-positioned to make a significant contribution to the improvement of public transportation and the low-carbon economy. Their shuttle, when released, would lead to an optimisation of transportation networks across cities as well as between urban and rural locations, further facilitating population mobility while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

If Spacetrain successfully navigates the roadblocks all start-ups face, it may not only revolutionise how we think of public transportation, but also how we approach CleanTech solutions. You can stay up to date with their progress via their website (here) and social media accounts: Twitter (here), Facebook (here) and Linkedin (here).

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