Revolutionising Semiconductor Industry: How Are Digital-RF Solutions Impacting IoT Applications?

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Qualinx, based in Delft, the Netherlands, is a wireless radio company that is focused on developing low-powered radio technology with the help of Digital/Discrete-Time RF (DRF) technology for various Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications. Emerged from the well-renowned Technical University of Delft (TU Delft) in 2015, the company’s mission lies in commercializing DRF technology that allows quality radios to be fully integrated in CMOS, offering the lowest power consumption coupled with small die size. These qualities prove ideal for portable IoT, wearable, and mobile volume production applications that demand extended battery life.

Qualinx’s DRF technology is aptly tailored for several IoT standards including Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread, GNSS, all while maintaining an ultra-low-power consumption. The company’s development of CMOS radios and associated IPs has been facilitated by the financial support it received from European funding and TU Delft. Whereas most players in the semiconductor industry are limited by the existing, analog-based technology, Qualinx is revolutionising the field with its Digitally Based Radio Frequency solutions.

  • Key takeaways:
  • Qualinx is a Dutch startup that commercializes DRF technology to develop radios for IoT applications.
  • The DRF technology allows full radio integration in CMOS, ensuring lowest power consumption and small die size.
  • Having received European funding and support from TU Delft, Qualinx has been already developing CMOS radios and associated IPs.
  • The potential of Qualinx’s disruptive technology in revolutionizing the semiconductor industry.

Qualinx differentiates itself in the market with its innovative and tested DRF technology. This technology replaces conventional analog-based RF/Analog blocks with a more efficient, digital approach enabled through circuit, system, and architectural innovations. Traditional RF/Analog blocks struggle with achieving the targeted reduction in power consumption required for the burgeoning IoT, wearable, smartphone, and other battery-powered device markets. In contrast, Qualinx’s digital-like implementation of RF/Analog blocks provide an ingenious solution to significantly reduce power consumption and support volume production.

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Moreover, the architecture underlying DRF technology allows for a scalable solution that can easily adapt to different IoT standards. This sets Qualinx apart from its competitors, as its solutions can be used for a range of devices, regardless of the standards they employ. Herein lies the true revolution that Qualinx is bringing to the semiconductor industry: versatile, scalable, and extremely low-power radio solutions perfect for a wide range of applications.

Given the exponential growth in IoT applications — from smart homes to health care to industrial automation — and the incumbent need for low power, high performance wireless connectivity, the future of Qualinx seems promising. The company’s Digital/Discrete-Time RF (DRF) technology is precisely what the semiconductor industry needs to keep up with the evolving demands of IoT applications. As IoT standards diversify and power consumption concerns remain paramount, Qualinx can find itself at the forefront of technology that underpins the growing IoT applications sector.

With ongoing support from the European funding and TU Delft, the future technological advancements we can expect from Qualinx are bound to be exciting. As it continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the semiconductor industry, be sure to keep an eye on this promising startup. [Visit the official Qualinx website](, or follow them on [LinkedIn](

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