Is AI-Powered Decarbonization the Future of Clean Energy and IT Industries?

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In today’s advancing digital era, climate responsibility is rapidly becoming a significant checkbox for emerging tech companies. One such company at the collaborative juncture of Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, and Information Technology is the Amsterdam-based startup, ANGARA DeCarbonX. Their AI-powered decarbonization technology is setting a new trajectory for these converging industries, potentially birthing a new $50 billion market.

Founded by Ilya Rodin, Peter Petrov, and Val Krivenko, this NL-based technology scale-up is venturing into the digital transformation of the b2b services market sector. Their magnum opus, a high-impact decarbonization technology, not only cuts down the carbon footprint but also turns a profit for its customers — something unheard of in this industry.

Key takeaways:

  • The startup’s innovative solution unlocks a new market estimated at over $50 billion per year.
  • Their technology is high-impact and pays for itself, proving lucrative for customers, with most witnessing sizable results within the first year.
  • The post-digital transformation global CO2 abatement potential is over 1Gt CO2 annually.
  • ANGARA DeCarbonX’s technology enables Heat Exchangers (HEX) to run cleanly and efficiently.
  • The startup aims to raise $30M for scaling, expanding internationally to regions including the US and SE Asia/Singapore, and penetrating new verticals like biofuels and geothermal.

ANGARA DeCarbonX differentiates itself by addressing the problem of high-emission industries running heat exchanger equipment (HEX) inefficiently and high on emissions. By using their patented, fully digital AI-driven technology, HEX can now run cleanly and efficiently all year round. This eliminates unnecessary waste and inefficiency and significantly reduces industrial emissions.

The rapidly expanding company’s pragmatic approach to tackling emissions involves rolling out its high-impact decarbonization technology globally. This creates a unique footprint in the AI, Clean Energy, IT, and Machine Learning industries while simultaneously unlocking new billion-dollar market verticals.

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In the future, we can expect to see ANGARA DeCarbonX further penetrating the burgeoning clean energy and AI markets, capitalizing on their innovative technology and the increasing awareness and demand for sustainable business practices. With plans to raise $30M for scaling, expanding international presence to new regions such as the US and SE Asia/Singapore, and entering new verticals like biofuels and geothermal, they are poised for significant growth.

Are AI-Powered Decarbonization technologies like the one from ANGARA DeCarbonX the future of Clean Energy and IT industries? It seems the answer is increasingly tilting towards a YES. You can follow their journey towards building this future at and on their LinkedIn page at

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