Redefining Real Estate: Lithuania’s New Approach to Personal Brokerage Services?

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Bullet-Point Key Takeaways:

  • NTBroker is a personal real estate broker service based out of Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Offering a streamlined and modern approach to selling, renting, and managing property.
  • Professional advice and extensive array of services differentiate NTBroker from competitors.
  • The start-up sets itself apart with end-to-end real estate solutions.
  • The future for NTBroker looks promising with room for extension into the wider EU market.

Real estate has always been a critical part of the economy. But, traditional brokerage services are becoming increasingly outmoded and less effective in handling modern real estate practices. Enter Lithuania-based NTBroker. Based out of Vilnius, NTBroker is forging a new path in the world of real estate, providing personal brokerage cut above the rest.

NTBroker, lead by founder Igor Petrenko, offers buyers and sellers a professional, all-encompassing service that manages both the sales and rental process for properties across Vilnius. Their emphasis on a personalised, holistic approach to real estate makes them stand out in a cluttered market.

What truly sets NTBroker apart from other similar start-ups is the comprehensive list of services they offer. It’s not just the buying, selling or renting of properties that they manage. They also offer professional consultation services, assistance in preparing properties for sale, administration of buying and selling processes, as well as property evaluation. Clients can hand over their entire property related needs over to NTBroker and can rest assured it’ll be handled professionally.

Apart from the extensive service list, NTBroker also prides itself in its commitment to provide personal and comprehensive assistance at every step of the process. Whether it involves property valuation, preparing properties for sale, or administering the purchase and selling process, a client’s interaction with the team is closely tailored to fit the client’s unique needs. This unmatched level of service creates a bespoke experience that truly sets NTBroker apart from other startups in the industry.

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The future of NTBroker looks promising, as the firm continues to redefine personal brokerage in Vilnius. With the rise of personalised services in all sectors of the economy, real estate is no exception and NTBroker is at the forefront of this change. With their wide variety of services and emphasis on personalisation, NTBroker is poised to be able to expand its reach beyond Vilnius and into the broader EU market.

The company’s website,, offers more detailed information about the services on offer and can provide instant property valuation. The future of real estate brokerage is personalised and comprehensive, and NTBroker is leading this new trend. Do follow NTBroker on LinkedIn for more updates on their services and the latest trends in the real estate market.

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