Polish Powerhouses: The 15 Software Startups in Mazowieckie Shaping the Future

Exploring the Tech Pioneers Revolutionizing Industries with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

1. Algopolis.Ai: Bridging Finance and AI

Founded by Piotr Warsicki, Algopolis.Ai is an AI-driven quantitative investment management company. It uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and fintech to transform the hedge funds and trading platform industry.

2. LOCALPLAY: Reinventing Sports Participation

LOCALPLAY is a social platform for planning, booking sports facilities, and participating in sports activities. They are merging the power of software and sports to change the way we engage in physical activities.

3. KERRIS IT: Harnessing AI for Software Solutions

KERRIS IT offers a complete toolbox for software houses & agencies based on years of research and artificial intelligence, using machine learning to create innovative software solutions.

4. Robotec.AI: Driving the Future of Vehicles

Robotec.AI develops high-tech solutions for automated and connected vehicles. This software company is steering the future of transport with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

5. Runvido: Enhancing Customer Communication

Runvido offers an efficient communication platform with customers via Augmented Reality (AR), transforming the marketing industry through apps and software.

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6. MaritimeAI: Navigating a Sustainable Maritime Economy

Founded by Pavel Golubev, MaritimeAI leverages AI and big data to develop applications for a sustainable maritime economy of the future.

7. Vooom: Streamlining City Navigation

Vooom is a mobile application and MaaS platform that simplifies city navigation and provides mobility solutions, innovating in fleet management, mobile apps, public transportation, and software.

8. MS Games: Bringing Fantasy to Life

MS Games is a game studio that develops captivating video games, making a mark in the gaming, software, and video games industry.

9. Mirror Investment: Redefining Digital Marketing

Mirror Investment develops new technology and software for marketing using digital display products, revolutionizing the advertising, digital marketing, and software industry.

10. Wise BI: Powering Business Intelligence

Wise BI specializes in Power BI, MS SQL Server, Azure, Power BI report server, T-SQL, data warehouse, ETL, and various services, shaping the future of accounting, analytics, network security, and software.

11. Nebulic: Turning Ideas into Game-Changing Software

Nebulic is an innovation house that turns ideas into fully operational, game-changing software products.

12. ITSharkz: Tailoring Software Solutions

ITSharkz provides software solutions for Android, iOS, and web applications, redefining the apps, information technology, and software industry.

13. AIDA Diagnostics: Optimizing Healthcare with AI

AIDA Diagnostics, founded by Mateusz Pawełczuk, Michał Janiszewski, and Michał Kubik, is a software based on machine learning algorithms that optimizes blood transfusions in hospitals, transforming analytics, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and machine learning sectors.

14. Scan and Buy: Revolutionizing Retail Experience

Founded by Mary Molligan and Vadim Titov, Scan and Buy offers a mobile cashless self-checkout for any retailers with full store automation, enhancing the retail experience with their app, mobile apps, and software.

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15. AIQA Technologies: Powering Quality Assurance with AI

Founded by Bartosz Ciach, Inga Kasak, and Katarzyna Malec, AIQA Technologies offers AI-powered quality assurance testing tools and support to boost CI/CD workflow, transforming the artificial intelligence, developer APIs, developer tools, machine learning, quality assurance, SaaS, and software industries.

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