Italian Innovation: 15 Startups Transforming the Real Estate Sector

Meet the Pioneers who are Revolutionizing the Real Estate Landscape in Italy

1. Zappyrent: Making Renting Fast and Safe

Zappyrent, founded by Antonino Leonardi and Lino Leonardi, is an online marketplace aimed at simplifying long-term house rentals. It utilizes fintech, IT, and real estate to redefine property leasing.

2. Inpoi: Enlightening Real Estate Decisions

Inpoi is an online platform that offers real estate consulting and data interpretation for customers. Co-founded by Danilo Tardino, it plays a significant role in the real estate investment industry.

3. RE-Lender: Pioneering Impact Lending in Real Estate

RE-Lender is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to real estate, industrial, ecological, and technological conversions, driving innovation in financial services and impact investing.

4. Homes4All: A One-Stop Solution for Residential Property Needs

Homes4All is a real estate agency that provides residential houses, renting, leasing, and property management services. They are transforming leasing, property management, and the rental property sector.

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5. Then: Expert Property Valuation Services

Then is a real estate appraiser that offers professional property valuation services. It’s reshaping the commercial, property management, and real estate sectors.

6. Morning Capital: Finance Services for Real Estate

Morning Capital is a financial firm that provides real estate finance services. They are propelling the financial services and real estate investment industry.

7. Von der Heyden Real Estate: Specialists in Residential Properties

Von der Heyden Real Estate offers residential property sale and rental services, reshaping property management, real estate, and rental property sectors.

8. Rental Prof: The Perfect Companion for Property Managers

Rental Prof is an app that specializes in property management for vacation rental owners. They are innovating the apps, real estate, and vacation rental industry.

9. Datasinc: Data-Driven Real Estate Solutions

Datasinc provides real estate data collection and analysis, along with credit judicial procedural data analysis. They are redefining data mining, real estate, and software sectors.

10. Re-Anima: Crowdfunding the Real Estate Sector

Re-Anima is a digital crowdfunding platform dedicated to the real estate sector. They are driving change in the finance, funding platform, and real estate industries.

11. UpsideTown: Empowering Real Estate Investments

UpsideTown is an independent fintech firm that provides real estate investment and transaction services. They are transforming the financial services, fintech, and real estate investment sectors.

12. Alleare: Your Digital Real Estate Consultant

Alleare is a digital platform specializing in real estate marketing, marketplace, property management, and credit consultancy services, redefining consulting, online portals, and real estate sectors.

13. Cirav: Making Real Estate Investment Accessible

Cirav, founded by Davide Ravalli, provides an investment platform for real estate services, driving innovation in the commercial, real estate investment, and residential sectors.

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14. Realstarting: Brokerage for Residential Properties

Realstarting is a real estate brokerage company that helps clients buy and sell residential properties, transforming property management, real estate, and rental property sectors.

15. Divid: Enhancing the Housing Experience

Divid, founded by Arthur Estrela and Gabriel Accetta, creates living spaces and offers enhanced housing experiences to tenants. They are making significant strides in the real estate industry.

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