Pioneering Health: 15 Medical Startups from Spain Transforming the Healthcare Landscape

An exploration of Spanish medical startups making waves in global healthcare with cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models.

Impress: Revolutionizing Orthodontics with Invisible Aligners

Impress is redefining the orthodontic technology landscape with its invisible aligners, making teeth alignment simpler and more aesthetically pleasing.

UNAVETS: Prioritizing Pet Health

UNAVETS offers comprehensive veterinary healthcare treatments for pets, showing that our furry friends deserve the best medical attention too.

Nina Capital: Investing in Future Health Tech

Nina Capital is pioneering the investment landscape by backing health tech companies with innovative, need-driven solutions and international ambitions.

MiWendo: A Leap Forward in Colonoscopy Technology

MiWendo enhances colonoscopy procedures by integrating microwave technology, facilitating improved prevention and diagnosis of colorectal conditions.

Connecta Therapeutics: Addressing Unmet Needs of the Central Nervous System

Connecta Therapeutics is a biotech firm focusing on the development of new treatments for unresolved medical needs related to the central nervous system.

BHV Partners: Building Ventures in Health

BHV Partners is the first venture builder specializing in health in Southern Europe, working to accelerate growth and development in the health sector.

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Kintsugi Therapeutics: Healing Through Innovation

Kintsugi Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies, echoing the concept of “Kintsugi” – healing and embracing imperfections.

Predictheon: Healthcare Software Solutions

Predictheon develops software tailored to healthcare professionals, making it easier to manage and access patient data.

Tucuvi: AI-Powered Voice Assistant for Home Care

Tucuvi is a pioneer in providing an AI voice-based medical assistant, enabling continuity of care at home and improving patient experiences.

Sana Digital: Democratizing Medicine with Mobile Technology

Sana Digital is a mobile application that aims to democratize medicine, making healthcare accessible to all through digital platforms.

Savia: Online Medical Consultation Services

Savia offers online medical consultation services, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals in the digital era.

Insparya Hair Company: Expertise in Hair Transplantation and Reconstruction

Insparya Hair Company specializes in hair transplantation and reconstruction services, offering solutions for hair loss and restoration.

Onena Medicines: Treating Cancer and Rare Diseases

Onena Medicines is a biotech firm providing medical devices and antibodies to treat cancer and rare diseases.

Episkey Medical Consulting: Quality Systems for Medical Device Manufacturers

Episkey Medical Consulting offers strategy design and implementation of quality systems for medical device manufacturers, ensuring regulatory compliance and high-quality production.

TienDental Dental Products: Your One-Stop Online Shop for Dental Products

TienDental Dental Products is an online store offering a wide range of dental products, catering to both healthcare professionals and individual customers.

These 15 Spanish startups are shaping the future of healthcare, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and unique business models. Their contributions range from offering cutting-edge medical devices to promoting pet health, demonstrating that the possibilities are endless when innovation meets healthcare.

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