Navigating the Future: 15 Innovative Information Technology Startups in Vienna, Austria

Discovering Vienna's IT Landscape: Pioneering Startups Shaping the Tech Industry

Vienna, Austria, is emerging as a vibrant hub for innovative Information Technology startups. These startups are pushing boundaries and redefining various sectors with cutting-edge solutions. From AI-enabled platforms to digital onboarding and training programs, these 15 startups are at the forefront of technological evolution. Let’s explore the dynamic IT landscape in Vienna and the startups driving its growth.

Trality: Empowering Automated Trading

Trality is a groundbreaking platform that democratizes automated trading, enabling users to create and invest through trading bots.

Website: Trality

SignD Identity: Simplifying Digital Onboarding

SignD Identity specializes in digital onboarding and KYC solutions, simplifying identity verification processes for businesses.

Website: SignD Identity

Celantur: Mapping the Future

Celantur offers innovative solutions in mobile, indoor, drone mapping, automotive, and ADAS parking.

Website: Celantur

Imperion: Tax Reporting Simplified

Imperion provides tax reporting solutions, streamlining tax processes for businesses.

Website: Imperion

Techstory: IT Marketing Excellence

Techstory is a marketing boutique that specializes in delivering tailored marketing solutions for IT companies.

Website: Techstory

Stockito: Cloud-based Storage Management

Stockito offers cloud-based storage and license management services, enhancing data organization and accessibility.

Website: Stockito

VisualSearch: Data Analytics Reinvented

VisualSearch delivers data analytics, visual search, product information, and recommendation services through its digital platform.

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Website: VisualSearch

Legitary: Empowering Music Industry

Legitary is an AI-enabled platform that empowers artists and labels by managing royalties and verifying music streaming data.

Website: Legitary

Reha Buddy: Revolutionizing Rehabilitation

Reha Buddy offers digitized assessments for physiotherapy, revolutionizing rehabilitation processes in medical facilities.

Website: Reha Buddy

UpLeveled: Elevating IT Training

UpLeveled is a professional training and coaching institution that offers diverse IT training programs and boot camps.

Website: UpLeveled

DECIDEA: Streamlining Decision-Making

DECIDEA is a digital platform that streamlines decision-making processes, making them transparent, documented, and accessible.

Website: DECIDEA

SoftwareQ: Consulting Excellence

SoftwareQ specializes in consulting, training, and software project outsourcing, providing tailored IT solutions.

Website: SoftwareQ

fiskaly: Simplifying Fiscalisation

fiskaly offers unified fiscalization services for the European markets, simplifying compliance for businesses.

Website: fiskaly

Dreamwaves: Augmented Reality Navigation

Dreamwaves introduces an audio augmented reality navigation app, revolutionizing navigation experiences.

Website: Dreamwaves

Cloudomation: Innovating Automation

Cloudomation focuses on automating routine tasks, allowing businesses to innovate and thrive.

Website: Cloudomation


Vienna’s Information Technology startup ecosystem is thriving with innovation, thanks to these 15 pioneering startups. These companies are not only creating disruptive solutions but also contributing to the growth of the broader IT landscape. From automated trading to digital onboarding and beyond, these startups are transforming industries and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital age.

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