Is This Danish FinTech Disrupting Cross-Border Payments with Real-Time Transparency?

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Founded in Denmark, November First is a digital cross-border payment platform that aims to disrupt the traditional payment space by providing real-time transparency in currency exchange rates and exceptionally low transaction fees. With a firm belief that cross-border payments are often opaque, time-consuming and expensive, the founders of November First embarked on a mission to change the traditional narrative.

With a license from the Danish FSA, November First actively manages international payments for various companies in Denmark, resulting in significant savings on the currency margin and on transaction fees when compared with traditional Danish banks. The promising fintech start-up’s goal is to streamline the entire process for both international businesses and individual customers by providing transparent, affordable and straightforward cross-border payment services.

  • November First is a digital cross-border payment platform that offers transparent real-time currency exchange rates and substantially low fees.
  • By licensing as a payment institute from the Danish FSA, the start-up manages international payments for Danish companies, leading to savings of 20-50% on the currency margin and 40-50% on fees when compared to traditional banks.
  • November First has embarked on digitalizing financial functions and is extending its services to other European markets.

One of the key differentials of November First is the use of a unique platform that allows multiple banks to automatically bid on each payment in real time. This mechanism provides a completely undiscovered level of transparency concerning real-time exchange rates and transaction fees for the customers. The start-up is truly emerging as a cost-effective alternative to the incumbent banks.

Furthermore, through the development of a robust API, November First has fostered various partnerships with some of the leading ERP and Salary systems in Denmark and the Nordics. This strategic move not only enhances November First’s reach but also adds value to its services by providing an integrated and comprehensive solution for its clientele.

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Looking towards the future, November First aims to introduce its services in other European markets via portals and new partnerships. The intention is to digitally transform financial functions across regions and offer a cost-effective, transparent and convenient solution for cross-border payments. In an era where digital and mobile payments are evolving rapidly, November First’s innovative approach can potentially reshape the landscape of global financial transactions.

The continuous commitment to transparency, affordability and ease of use makes November First a prominent player in the rapidly expanding global fintech market. The future promises exciting developments for both the start-up and the industry, underlining the need to stay updated with November First’s journey. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For more information, visit their website.

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