Startup Showcase: Cozy Cloud – The Future of Personal Data Management

A web application that gives users control of their digital lives

Cozy Cloud is a French startup that offers a unique and innovative solution to manage personal digital data. The company has created a web application that allows users to store, organize, and access their data from any device. It is an intelligent, decentralized, and secure storage space that offers easy-to-use applications to manage and organize data. Cozy Cloud is part of the vision of an ethical digital that puts users in control of their personal information.

A Revolutionary Solution for Personal Data Management

Cozy Cloud is the first digital home on the market that offers a solution to manage personal digital data. The company’s web application offers a personalized, private, and customizable environment that allows users to store their data securely. The application comes with a set of easy-to-use applications that help users manage their data automatically. It is accessible from any device, and users can retrieve information via its connectors, such as photos, bank statements, operator invoices, and e-merchants.

Cozy Cloud believes in ethical digital practices that give users control over their personal information. The platform is built on free software, self-hosting, and protecting users’ data. The company’s mission is to create a decentralized and secure digital space that empowers individuals to take control of their data. The platform is GDPR-compliant, and users have complete control over their data.

Reinventing the Customer Relationship in the Era of RGPD

Cozy Cloud is a platform that offers pre-digital companies a new field of expression. The platform allows companies to interact with their customers beyond the reach of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon). Cozy Cloud’s innovative and privacy-friendly services help companies reinvent their customer relationship in the era of RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation). It offers a platform for relevant interactions, building trust with customers, and creating a new paradigm for the European economy to thrive.

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Cozy Cloud is a unique and innovative startup that offers a revolutionary solution for personal data management. It is a platform that gives users control of their digital lives and empowers individuals to take control of their data. Cozy Cloud’s ethical digital practices and GDPR compliance make it a trusted platform for users and companies. The platform offers a new paradigm for the European economy to thrive, beyond the reach of GAFA.





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