Is this Automation Platform Spanning the Chasm Between AI and Businesses?

  • is a startup based in Amsterdam offering a platform as a service that is designed to bridge the gap between AI and businesses.
  • The platform allows organizations to design, build, and operate intuitive and business-friendly AI solutions.
  • Unlike others in the field, provides solutions that are easily understandable and accessible to non-tech users.
  • The platform is actively used by Fortune 500 companies in Customer Experience, HR, and Procurement and delivers positive results in cost reduction, process efficiency, and revenue generation.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer for businesses around the world. However, for a long time, the complexity of AI technology has made it somewhat inaccessible for many organizations. Enter, an Amsterdam-based startup that is changing this narrative by offering a platform that bridges the gap between AI and businesses. By providing a platform that allows organizations to design, build, and operate intuitive and business-friendly AI solutions, is making intelligent automation accessible.

The platform is designed to put business users and digital consultants in the driver’s seat throughout the entire implementation lifecycle. With its focus on solutions accessibility and transparency for non-tech users, it lowers implementation risks while providing a suitable piloting experience. This strategic move towards empowering users places in a unique position within the AI, Industrial Automation, and Machine Learning industries.


Many platforms and services promise seamless integration and user-friendly interfaces. However,’s striking point of difference lies within its remarkable offers: calculable implementation risks, a multi-purpose use advantage, technology vendor flexibility, low running costs, and vast range of integrated communication platforms, cognitive tools, and plugins. These unique facets ensure businesses experience potential ROI and understand the implications of implementing AI in their system which is often a significant hurdle for many.

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Beyond that,’s accessibility to non-tech users sets it apart. By making AI solutions understandable and interactive for businesses, the platform bridges the knowledge gap, setting it apart as a leader in the field. This accessibility, combined with the results it delivers in cost reduction, process effectiveness, and revenue generation, is what makes stand out within the artificial intelligence sphere.


Looking forward to the future, shows promising potential. It is not only actively used by Fortune 500 companies but has also shown to consistently deliver positive results. As AI continues to infiltrate various industries including marketing, office administration, professional services and robotics,’s strategy of making AI solutions accessible and business-friendly is not only timely but also revolutionary.

If you’re interested in learning more about, be sure to visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn. If you’re a business looking to explore’s services, or you’re an investor seeking to be part of their growth journey, reach out to their expert team for consulting & implementation options.

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