How Is AI Streamlining Consulting and Transforming FinTech in the European Market?

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to pervade sectors across industries, one European startup is expertly leveraging this technology to revolutionize the consulting and FinTech sectors by streamlining operations and creating adaptive solutions. Based in Amsterdam, WeAreBrain—a full-service strategic technology agency—is at the forefront of this technological shift, contributing ground-breaking innovations from the heart of Europe with global ramifications.

Since its establishment in 2014, WeAreBrain has focussed on driving digital transformation by forming successful technological teams. Serving industries including Retail, Healthcare, FinTech, and Media Entertainment, it has become an effective force for technological change by creating intelligent design, thoughtful products, and solutions through data analytics and machine learning.

    Key Takeaways:
  • WeAreBrain is a full-service strategic technology agency based in Amsterdam, contributing to the digital transformation of various industries.
  • The startup empowers clients to streamline operations and create adaptive solutions through the power of AI.
  • WeAreBrain’s platform,, allows businesses to automate complex business processes at scale, providing Machine Learning and Computer Vision capabilities.

What sets WeAreBrain apart is its distinct entrepreneurial spirit and its commitment to innovation. With a team of formidable creators and entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and Kiev, the startup offers a compelling blend of product design, software development, and data analytics. Its platform stands out as a pioneering innovation, recognized among the Top 25 innovations in the Accenture Innovation Awards. As an Enterprise Automation as a Service (AaaS) platform, enables organizations to automate complex business processes on a massive scale, packing in machine learning and computer vision capabilities.

Moreover, WeAreBrain also shows its industry leadership through its active participation in early stage startup investments and R&D spin-offs. For instance, one of its successful ventures is Clevergig—a leading SaaS Workforce Management platform that helps businesses manage a global and flexible workforce efficiently.

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Given its consistent innovations and powerful collaborations with enterprises and international organizations, WeAreBrain promises an even brighter future. The startup is carving out its path with a continued focus on AI and digital transformation, fueling promising opportunities for industry growth. The continued integration of AI into business processes will drive efficiency and productivity gains, creating a more robust and agile European market that can meet the demands of a digital era.

As WeAreBrain continues to pioneer in the AI realm, it also actively recognizes the contributions of diverse individuals, as evidenced by its recognition of female entrepreneurship and gender equality in IT by TheNextWomen and EY Winning Women. You can follow their innovative journey through their website, WeAreBrain, or on social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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