Is Lithuanian-Made Digital Guide The Future of Global Travel Publishing?

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Is the Lithuanian-made digital guide the future of global travel publishing? Today, we uncover the workings of an innovative startup, In Your Pocket, and explore how they are revolutionising the way information reaches travellers.

Key Takeaways

  • In Your Pocket offers mobile, online and print city guides to over 200 destinations.
  • Born from a need for localised, practical information for travellers.
  • The startup aims to greatly expand its online content, first covering all of Europe and then going global.
  • In Your Pocket prides itself on maintaining an opinionated guide written by local people part of their city’s community.

In the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania, a startup firmly planted its roots in 1991, and has since harvested a rich supply of urban information for over a hundred cities around the world. In Your Pocket is the creation of German Matthias Lüfkens and Belgian brothers George, Oliver and Nicolas Ortiz. After a management buyout in 2018, the company adopted a startup mentality – agile, innovative, and forward-looking.

The basis of their offerings is providing locally produced, practical information for cities globally, available via the travel portal or in the form of more than 70 publication guide books, published in 23 countries. They started with a dream and a laptop from a beer hall in Vilnius, a town that then had no telephone directory, and today, they are a leading provider of travel guides.

In Your Pocket sets itself apart by combining traditional print media with digital content. This innovative approach caters to multiple user preferences and enables them to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, the information is produced by locals – people who live, work, and breathe the city air and know the nooks and crannies of their city best. This results in more authentic, relatable, and practical content.

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The other differentiating factor is their honest, fun, and engaging style. Recognised and commended by the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and the New York Times, among others, this distinct and refreshing take on city guides has preserved its charm through the evolving media landscape.

As the world becomes more wanderlust, the need for accurate, engaging, and accessible travel information is increasing. The future looks promising for In Your Pocket, with intentions to expand its reach to cover all of Europe and subsequently go global by 2020. Given how rapidly the travel industry is changing, it will be interesting to see how the Lithuanian-based startup morphs and adapts to these shifts.

Connect with In Your Pocket and stay updated with their innovative travel publishing solutions through various social platforms: Website , Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn . Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

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