Is Global Drone Mapping the Future of Aerospace Surveying?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Inflights, an Antwerpen based start-up, provides quality drone mapping services globally, with a main focus on solar installers of commercial & industrial roofs or solar farms.
  • The company leverages a unique approach to surveying – instead of conducting surveying themselves, they use a global network of drone pilots who carry out flights and upload data onto the Inflights platform for processing.
  • The combined expertise of the pilot network and in-house processing team makes Inflights a comprehensive solution for internationally-minded companies seeking consistent quality and logistical ease.

The rapidly evolving landscape of aerospace surveying heralds an exciting era filled with innovative possibilities. Traditional surveying techniques are increasingly edged out by technologically advanced alternatives such as drone mapping. Leading the charge in this new paradigm is Belgian start-up Inflights. Founded by Hugo De Blauwe, Inflights centres on providing high-quality drone mapping services across the globe, effectively shaping the future of aerospace surveying.

Aiming to make highly-accurate 3D measurements cost-effective and accessible worldwide, Inflights concentrates on assisting solar installers on commercial and industrial roofs as well as solar farms. The start-up has carved a niche for itself, revolutionising the surveying process through leveraging a global network of skilled drone pilots and innovative data processing technologies.

What undoubtedly sets Inflights apart from traditional surveyors is their unique operating model. Rather than personally performing the surveys, Inflights’ global network of drone pilots undertake the flights. The data is then uploaded onto the company’s platform, where, in a demonstration of accurate processing and consistent quality, in-house surveying engineers transform the raw data into appropriate models.

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This decentralised model of operation eradicates the geographic constraints typically experienced by traditional surveyors. International customers often complain about inconsistent quality when working with various surveyors. By combining a vast drone pilot network with the in-house processing expertise, Inflights effectively addresses this issue, melding quality and efficiency robustly.

The future for Inflights continues to look promising, with the distinct potential of capturing a larger portion of the Aerospace Industry. The proliferation of drone technology and the important role it plays in efficient surveying suggests that the demand for advanced mapping services like those offered by Inflights will only increase in the coming years. In light of this, the company’s unique model of global operation and commitment to a consistently high quality of service positions it as a key player in the future of Aerospace Surveying.

With plans on international expansion and the advent of increasingly advanced drone technology, Inflights aims to be at the forefront of the industry and represents the feasible future of Aerospace Surveying. Follow their journey further via their website, LinkedIn.

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