Innovation Unleashed: Exploring the Vibrant App Startups of Lombardia, Italy

Discover the Cutting-Edge Apps Redefining Industries in Lombardia

Lombardia, a region known for its rich cultural heritage and economic prowess, is also a breeding ground for innovation in the app startup ecosystem. These trailblazing companies are revolutionizing various sectors, from energy to healthcare, and from e-commerce to augmented reality. In this article, we will showcase 15 captivating startups that are reshaping the business landscape of Lombardia, Italy.

Mobbi: Powering Connectivity

Mobbi provides a convenient power bank rental service, ensuring that mobile devices never run out of juice. By enabling users to rent power banks at various locations, Mobbi enhances connectivity and eliminates the worry of battery life.

NeN: Empowering Energy Subscriptions

NeN is an online electricity and gas supplier that offers subscription-based services. By simplifying energy consumption and providing transparent pricing, NeN is transforming the way people power their homes and businesses.

NYMLAB: Pioneering Distributed Technologies

NYMLAB leverages distributed technologies to enhance trust and reliability in socio-economic systems. By applying cutting-edge software engineering, NYMLAB ensures a higher level of assurance, benefiting both businesses and individuals.

MindTips: Empowering Education

MindTips is a mobile app that empowers students with educational resources and training. With its user-friendly interface and curated content, MindTips helps students excel in their academic pursuits.

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SosPediatra: Care at Your Doorstep

SosPediatra offers an app that connects parents with pediatricians for home visits. This innovative solution brings healthcare services to the comfort of people’s homes, ensuring timely and personalized medical attention for children.

LACE IT APP: Sneaker Haven

LACE IT APP is an online shop specializing in sneakers and footwear products. With its extensive collection and intuitive mobile app, LACE IT APP caters to fashion enthusiasts seeking the latest and trendiest kicks.

Arios Technology: Augmenting Collaboration

Arios Technology harnesses augmented reality to foster better business collaboration. Their app provides a seamless and immersive experience, enhancing communication and productivity among teams.

Privaceasy: Safeguarding GDPR Compliance

Privaceasy offers a GDPR privacy software and app for companies. With their innovative solution, businesses can ensure compliance with privacy regulations and protect customer data.

Nonny: Enhancing Communication for Seniors

Nonny is a video communication tablet designed for seniors and elderly people. It simplifies video calls and photo sharing, enabling older adults to stay connected with their loved ones effortlessly.

Fifty Deg: Crafting Digital Experiences

Fifty Deg specializes in web design and development, creating stunning websites, e-commerce platforms, and web apps. Their expertise lies in crafting engaging and user-friendly digital experiences.

Miranda: Shaping Intelligent Software Solutions

Miranda is a software development company that offers web app services. With their expertise in artificial intelligence and web development, they create intelligent and innovative solutions for businesses.

Bags Parking: Simplifying Luggage Storage

Bags Parking provides a convenient and secure luggage storage service. Travelers can safely store their bags at various locations, giving them the freedom to explore without the burden of carrying luggage.

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CTsmart24: Streamlining Contractor Management

CTsmart24 is a web portal that offers management software for contractors. Their innovative app simplifies document management, scheduling, and communication, improving efficiency in contractor services.

Huroos: Integrating Business Applications

Huroos develops Odoo projects that integrate all business applications. Their expertise in CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enables businesses to streamline their operations and boost productivity.

Art Shares: Blending Art, Finance, and Technology

Art Shares is an art, finance, and technology company that creates, promotes, and manages an international art exchange. Through their innovative app, they connect art enthusiasts, investors, and artists worldwide.


The app startup scene in Lombardia, Italy, is thriving with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. From power bank rentals to education, healthcare to e-commerce, and augmented reality to art finance, these startups are reshaping industries and creating a lasting impact. With their groundbreaking ideas and relentless pursuit of excellence, the app startups of Lombardia are propelling the region forward and solidifying its position as a hub of technological advancement.

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