Finnish Startups to Watch: 15 Software Companies Making Waves

Finland is a hub for technology innovation and has a vibrant startup ecosystem, particularly in the software sector. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to SaaS and EdTech, Finnish startups are creating software solutions for a range of industries. In this article, we’ll highlight 15 software startups from Finland that are making waves in their respective fields.

Baia: Trust and Transparency in Commerce

Baia is an innovative startup that aims to optimize and coordinate cash transactions across informal supply chains, enabling trusted and transparent commerce. Founded by Gytis Raciukaitis, Michael Wallis-Brown, and Mikael Nyberg, Baia offers software solutions that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, creating a seamless transaction process. Revolutionizing User Experience Analysis is an AI-powered startup that analyzes user experience by machine and offers scalable solutions to cover the entire web. The software can analyze user behavior, identify patterns, and provide insights to improve user experience. The company was founded by Arto Vuori, Kristoffer Lawson, and Marc Martinez.

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Hukka AI: Reducing Food Waste in Professional Kitchens

Hukka AI is an easy-to-use software that measures and reduces food waste in professional kitchens, helping businesses save money and reduce their environmental footprint. Founded by Joonas Kesälahti and Tuure Karhu, Hukka AI leverages machine learning to help chefs and kitchen staff track and reduce food waste.

Linear: Guaranteeing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Linear is a software startup that offers technology services to guarantee maximum efficiency and unique customer experiences. The software provides services to businesses in the real estate industry and other information services sectors. Linear was founded by Aki Kujala, Alex Silvennoinen, and Miro Eriksson. Cloud-Based Product Design and Collaboration Platform is a cloud-based SaaS product design and collaboration platform for data teams. The software offers data visualization, machine learning, and business intelligence features for large enterprises. It was founded by Jari Jaanto and Johannes Hovi.

Marble: Modular Learning Experience for EdTech

Marble is an EdTech startup that provides a modular learning experience platform for client acquisition. It offers engaging and personalized educational content to learners of all ages. Marble was founded by Iuliia Shnai.

Siqni: Employee Surveys for Corporate Culture Development

Siqni provides employee surveys to support and guide organizations and corporate culture for development. The software offers valuable insights into employee satisfaction and engagement. The founders of Siqni have not been disclosed.

Ideally: Digital Marketing and Sales Services

Ideally provides digital marketing, software development, and sales services to businesses of all sizes. The software offers a range of services to help businesses grow and succeed. The founders of Ideally have not been disclosed.

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Open Badge Factory: Cloud-Based Learning Solutions

Open Badge Factory develops innovative cloud-based solutions for recognizing learning and competencies. Their software offers digital badges to validate skills and knowledge. The founders of Open Badge Factory have not been disclosed.

Renexe: Portfolio Optimization and Risk Analytics

Renexe offers portfolio optimization and risk analytics as SaaS. Their software helps businesses make data-driven investment decisions. The founders of Renexe have not been disclosed.

SmartFleet: Fleet Management Services

SmartFleet is a SaaS platform that offers fleet management services to businesses. The software provides real-time data and insights to help businesses optimize their fleet operations. SmartFleet was founded by Anton Hentinen.

AI Roots: AI and Data Science Consulting Services

AI Roots specializes in AI, data science, architecture, engineering, analytics, and strategic services. Their software offers a range of consulting services to help businesses leverage AI and data science to improve their operations. The founders of AI Roots have not been disclosed.

Tomorrow Explored: Design and Software Development Consultancy

Tomorrow Explored (TX) is a design and software development consultancy that specializes in solutions for the Web3 era, particularly blockchain technology. Their software offers a range of services to help businesses create innovative solutions for the future. The founders of Tomorrow Explored have not been disclosed.

TeamSuccess: Agile Software Development Tools

TeamSuccess offers tools and services for Agile software development teams. The software helps teams manage risks, improve communication, and increase productivity. The founders of TeamSuccess have not been disclosed.

Ikius: Jamstack Development for Enterprises

Ikius provides Jamstack development for enterprises looking for a fast website built using cutting-edge, yet proven technologies. The software offers consulting and development services to help businesses create scalable and secure websites. Ikius was founded by Max Ikaheimo.

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These 15 Finnish startups are just a small sample of the innovative software companies that are creating solutions to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and increase productivity across industries. With Finland’s supportive startup ecosystem and talented workforce, it’s no surprise that the country is a hub for technological innovation. As these companies continue to grow and evolve, they will undoubtedly make significant contributions to the global tech industry.

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