Exploring Italy’s IoT Pioneers: 15 Startups Revolutionizing the Tech Landscape

A deep dive into the Italian startup scene, where IoT innovations are reshaping industries and building a smarter future.

Kiwitron – Powering AI-Enabled Electronics

Kiwitron is carving out its niche in the AI, electronics, IoT, manufacturing, and product design sectors. Andrea Filippini and Daniele Parazza lead this dynamic startup that manufactures various electronics such as electronic boards, collision prevention systems, and lane radars using IoT and AI.

Wirail – Monitoring Vital Signs in Real Time

Specializing in real-time monitoring, Wirail has digitized the health landscape. It offers real-time monitoring of trolley vital signs, demonstrating how IoT can transform the health and wellness sector.

B4Next – Cutting-Edge Software Development

Bridging the gap between IoT, machine learning, and business intelligence, B4Next provides software development services including video management, data analysis, and machine learning solutions.

Rainapp – Real-Time Drainage Network Monitoring

In the app and software development realm, Rainapp offers a unique IoT solution: real-time monitoring of surface drainage networks, showcasing a significant application of IoT in environmental management.

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Nova Stark – Smart Solutions for Wine Production

Nova Stark is an innovative startup that monitors, predicts, and automates the wine production process using IoT technology, bringing a novel approach to the traditional wine industry.

Quinck – Pioneering IoT for Digital Transformation

Quinck offers IoT solutions aimed at digital transformation, business development, and sustainability, embodying a three-pronged approach to harness the power of IoT for business advancement.

Weconstudio – Crafting Software and Embedded Systems

Weconstudio designs and builds web software and embedded systems, demonstrating the cross-industry potential of IoT applications.

Mobee – Integrated Urban Mobility Management

Mobee is leading the charge in IoT application within the urban mobility management sector. This startup offers an integrated platform for urban mobility management, showcasing the potential for IoT to revolutionize city transportation.

Silthenia – IoT and Blockchain Innovation

Silthenia develops IoT and blockchain-based products and services, proving that IoT can work in tandem with other advanced technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

RnB4culture – Enhancing Historical-Cultural Heritage

RnB4Culture utilizes IoT to promote and enhance historical-cultural heritage. This unique approach illustrates the diverse applications of IoT technology.

Kuama – Personalized Business Development Solutions

Led by Marco Martini, Kuama helps organizations tackle business development challenges by providing custom software development and consulting, reflecting the adaptability of IoT in diverse business environments.

API Forge – Driving Digital Transformation

API Forge is an IT company that provides software development, IoT, cloud computing, integration, and digital transformation services, signifying the interconnection of various tech domains.

Dareex – Data Management for Retail

Dareex offers unique data management services for the retail industry. Its utilization of IoT technology shows how digital transformation can optimize traditional business sectors.

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Roboalive – Manufacturing Robotic Systems

Roboalive, a manufacturer of robotic systems and devices, embodies the confluence of industrial automation, IoT, manufacturing, and robotics.

APS – Creating Play Areas for Children

Finally, APS, a startup that designs and builds play areas for children, represents a different facet of IoT application – in construction, manufacturing, and recreation.


In the rapidly evolving IoT landscape, these Italian startups are setting the bar high. Their innovative approaches and unique solutions prove that the future of IoT is bright and varied, and that Italy is a player to watch.

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