Expert Advice on How to Become a More Impactful Leader

Unlocking Your Purpose for Effective Leadership

Key Takeaways:

  • Abi Eniola, a Tutor at RADA Business, offers valuable insights on how to uncover your purpose and become a more impactful leader.
  • Leadership purpose goes beyond what you do; it’s about why and how you do it. Understanding and embodying your purpose is crucial for exceptional leadership, high performance, motivated teams, and personal well-being.
  • Discovering your purpose involves exploring your key experiences, identifying common themes, and reflecting on the things that bring you pleasure and uplift you.
  • Embodying your purpose means allowing others to experience it through your actions and decisions, rather than explicitly stating it.
  • When your purpose doesn’t align with your organization, it’s about making choices and finding areas of alignment. However, if the personal cost is too high, it’s important to recognize that and consider adjusting your role or finding a better fit elsewhere.

The Importance of Finding Your Purpose

Your purpose as a leader is not a mere summary of your professional achievements or qualifications. It is an overarching statement that embodies what truly matters to you. According to Abi Eniola, when individuals know who they are, what they stand for, and are connected to their purpose, they can effectively embody it, creating a potent impact on others. This is particularly powerful for leaders and figureheads within organizations. Being aligned with your purpose enhances your effectiveness as a leader and allows you to be more present for your team.

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Unearthing Your Purpose

Finding your leadership purpose is an introspective journey that starts within you. It is a reflection of who you are as a person. Some individuals quickly connect with their purpose, while for others, it may take more time. Abi suggests examining your life experiences to identify common themes and significant moments. By exploring the experiences that have shaped you and recognizing the things that bring you pleasure and uplift you, you can get closer to understanding your purpose. Abi shares her own experience, highlighting the theme of self-expression and having a voice as a central aspect of her purpose.

Embodying Your Purpose

Once you have discovered your leadership purpose, the next step is to bring it into your work life. It’s not about explicitly telling people what your purpose is; it’s about allowing them to experience it through your actions and decisions. Calling your purpose to mind is a personal and powerful experience. Discovering your purpose unleashes emotional, psychological, and physical energy because it is deeply rooted in your own memories, values, and lived experiences. Embodying your purpose has the potential to change your brain chemistry, releasing dopamine, the motivation and reward neurochemical, which enhances productivity.

When Your Purpose Doesn’t Align with Your Organization

There may be instances when your purpose seems to clash with the values or culture of your organization. In such cases, Abi emphasizes the importance of awareness and choice. Consider the choices you make and whether there are ways to work within the current situation, even if you don’t agree with every aspect. Look for areas of alignment between your purpose and your organization. However, if you find that the personal cost of compromising your purpose is too high, it’s crucial to recognize and acknowledge that. Explore whether adjustments can be made within your current role or consider seeking a new role where you can fully honor your purpose. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, and you have the power to determine your attitude and response to the situation you find yourself in.

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Clarity and Empowerment

Clarity of purpose empowers you to be your authentic self. Recognizing and honoring your purpose can be incredibly empowering. It’s essential to remember that individuals can have more than one purpose. While some fortunate souls find a higher purpose that resonates across all areas of their lives, for many of us, it requires deep introspection that can span months, years, or even a lifetime. Take the time to consider your purpose and how it aligns with your current role. Discovering your purpose is not always an easy task, but the effort is worthwhile and will yield significant dividends in your career.

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