Engineering Excellence: 15 Innovative Machinery Manufacturing Startups Powering Italy’s Industries

Exploring Italy's thriving machinery manufacturing sector through 15 cutting-edge startups.

Italy, a country renowned for its engineering prowess and craftsmanship, is home to a vibrant machinery manufacturing startup ecosystem. In this article, we’ll delve into 15 remarkable Italian startups that are reshaping industries through innovative machinery and manufacturing solutions.

Electrolux Professional

Website: Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is a global leader in providing food service, beverage, and laundry solutions, catering to both commercial and residential needs.

Reiwa Engine

Website: Reiwa Engine

Reiwa Engine specializes in robotics, artificial intelligence, and industrial plant solutions, driving automation and efficiency in manufacturing.

Circular Materials

Website: Circular Materials

Circular Materials is a semiconductor manufacturing company with a focus on renewable energy technology for wastewater treatment.


Website: TooA

TooA crafts homemade ice cream machines, offering a delightful treat to customers worldwide.


Website: Easysea

Easysea is dedicated to producing nautical accessories using cutting-edge technology and an environmentally sustainable approach.

Kimera Automobili

Website: Kimera Automobili

Kimera Automobili manufactures classic and sports cars, blending Italian style with automotive excellence.


Website: Maketube

Maketube introduces an automatic coffee machine with CO2 technology, revolutionizing the coffee industry.

Nova Stark

Website: Nova Stark

Nova Stark leverages IoT (Internet of Things) technology to monitor, predict, and automate wine production, ensuring quality and efficiency.


Website: MBE

MBE specializes in prototype development for agricultural machinery and industrial mechanics.

ITG Tecnologie

Website: ITG Tecnologie

ITG Tecnologie designs and manufactures a wide range of electromechanical, mechanical, and electronic systems.

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Website: PRES-X

PRES-X is a manufacturing company that excels in 3D printing and machinery component production, driving innovation in the industry.

WBL Systems

Website: WBL Systems

WBL Systems manufactures cutting-edge food and wine machinery, contributing to the culinary and winemaking sectors.


Website: Siderale

Siderale specializes in the development and manufacturing of machinery for paper tissue products, enhancing production efficiency.


Website: Bereva

Bereva is a machinery manufacturing company known for its electronic expansion ball valves, catering to various industrial applications.

Zanon Pressure Equipment

Website: Zanon Pressure Equipment

Zanon Pressure Equipment excels in the design and manufacturing of heat exchangers, reactors, columns, vessels, and proprietary equipment, contributing to industrial innovation.

These 15 Italian machinery manufacturing startups are at the forefront of technological advancements, offering solutions that span across industries, from food production to robotics. Italy’s manufacturing sector continues to thrive, showcasing the nation’s commitment to engineering excellence and innovation.

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