Discovering the IT Revolution in Belgium: 15 Promising Startups to Watch Out For

Meet the Innovative Information Technology Companies Transforming the Belgian Startup Scene

Belgium is quickly becoming a hub for innovation and technological advancement, with numerous startups emerging and disrupting industries. From climate urgency to smart cities and artificial intelligence, these startups are solving problems with their unique solutions. Here are 15 startups that are making a big impact in the world of information technology in Belgium.


Novable is an innovation scouting startup that uses AI technology to help corporates find and connect with innovative companies. With a focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and market research, Novable helps businesses stay ahead of the game by providing them with the latest in innovation.


Driven by climate urgency, Tapio is on a mission to help companies transition to a low carbon economy. Their focus on environmental consulting, information technology, and software makes them an important player in the green tech industry. By providing businesses with the necessary tools to reduce their carbon footprint, Tapio is helping to create a more sustainable future.

Lilo Health

Lilo Health specializes in providing health technology solutions designed for chronic diseases. With a focus on business intelligence, health care, and information technology, Lilo Health is providing patients with innovative solutions that make managing their conditions easier and more efficient. is an online enabler that helps local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. With a focus on information technology and the internet, provides hosting and cloud solutions to help businesses stay connected and run more efficiently.

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Penbox is a startup that is changing the way businesses gather information and documents from individuals. With a focus on information services, information technology, and software, Penbox is streamlining the process of data collection to help businesses make more informed decisions.


Digazu provides real-time data engineering for analytics projects. With a focus on analytics, big data, and information technology, Digazu is helping businesses get straight to value with their data science and analytics projects.


AiVidens is a startup that focuses on predictive cash and risk management using artificial intelligence and information technology. By providing businesses with advanced software solutions, AiVidens is helping to reduce risk and improve cash management for businesses of all sizes.

Virto Solar

Virto Solar develops advanced WEB and CAD applications for solar energy systems. With a focus on information technology, renewable energy, and software, Virto Solar is revolutionizing the solar industry by providing businesses with the necessary tools to improve their energy efficiency.


MyCSN is a data management platform that collects, manages, processes, and exchanges all digital data from cities and municipalities. With a focus on analytics, information technology, real-time, and smart cities, MyCSN is providing cities with the necessary tools to become more efficient and sustainable.


Staizen offers product design, digital strategy, development, and consulting services. With a focus on consulting, information technology, and product design, Staizen is helping businesses stay ahead of the game by providing them with the latest in digital solutions.


Novutech is a fast-growing startup in Brussels, Belgium, dedicated to the implementation, optimization, and support of NetSuite, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite. The company offers a range of services, including business development, accounting, finance, and cloud computing, to help its clients streamline their business operations.

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Lytix provides business intelligence and analytics services to help businesses make data-driven decisions. The company offers a wide range of services, including data warehousing, data mining, predictive analytics, and reporting. Lytix’s solutions help businesses improve their performance by providing valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and business operations.


Agisko is an IT services provider that offers security, cloud, digital workspace, IT management, and assessment services to businesses. The company provides tailored solutions to help businesses achieve their goals, whether it’s improving security, migrating to the cloud, or managing IT infrastructure. Agisko’s team of experts works closely with its clients to provide customized solutions that meet their unique needs.


These are just some of the innovative IT startups in Belgium that are making a difference in their respective industries. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to renewable energy and smart cities, these startups are using technology to drive innovation and create a better future for all of us.

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