DaVinci Salute: Pioneering Digital Health Services and Consolidating Presence in Italian Health Tech

DaVinci Salute, one of the fastest growing HealthTech scale-ups in the Italian primary care landscape, recently announced an investment by the largest Italian health insurance who acquired 66%.

Founded in 2018 by three visionary entrepreneurs—Stefano Casagrande, Andrea Orani, and Francesco Mainetti—DaVinci Salute is focused 100% on primary care in a mission to reshape the italian healthcare system by providing citizens with an easy access by mobile to their NHS GP or by providing a personal private GP for those who cannot access their NHS.

DaVinci Salute managed 300,000+ bookings with a +30% monthly growth rate since 16 months, the company has also played a crucial role in supporting approximately 10% of family doctors in Lombardy, being the Tech provider in one of Europe’s most innovative chronic care programs. This program has effectively reduced access to urgent care by 8,6% and hospitalizations by 5.4% among the 40,000 enrolled patients. The platform now reached an astounding 400k interactions between doctors and patients, in terms of reservations, patient requests and prescriptions. 

DaVinci Salute aims to support family doctors in managing their patients more efficiently, alleviating the burden of repetitive yet essential tasks such as appointment management, prescription handling, and document requests. By streamlining these processes, doctors can devote more time to providing personalized care to their patients. With investment, DaVinci Salute plans to further enhance their product offerings, benefiting both doctors and patients and expanding their reach in synergistic areas.

The startup’s dual mission—to simplify and optimize the work of family doctors while making healthcare easily accessible to citizens—reflects their comprehensive approach. Their secure cloud platform, integrated with the Electronic Health Record, empowers family doctors to digitize their practices, facilitating seamless and efficient communication with patients anytime and anywhere. Through the platform, doctors can manage patients online, offer timely support, enable appointment booking, streamline prescription renewals, and provide information on clinic hours. Doctors also gain access to data and evidence-based evaluation capabilities, automate administrative tasks, reduce communication overload, and save valuable time and resources.

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Patients, on the other hand, can benefit from the services offered by DaVinci Salute by downloading the user-friendly app available on iOS and Android devices. The app grants users convenient access to digital consultations, ensuring privacy protection and swift access to professional psychological and health support.

Since its beginning, DaVinci Salute has been recognized for its groundbreaking contributions, receiving funding from notable entities including the Ministry of Economic Development and the Lombardy Region. The company collaborates with primary care institutions such as the Lombardy Region and major Lombard ATS (Azienda Territoriale per la Salute) to advance the digitization of medical services and deliver efficient and secure healthcare solutions.

DaVinci Salute continues to spearhead the digitization of local medicine, empowering both doctors and patients to embrace the benefits of telemedicine. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, accessibility, and patient well-being, DaVinci Salute is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape, ensuring a healthier future for all and promises many new innovative features to come.

For more information, please visit: www.davincisalute.com

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