Copenhagen’s Software Startups: Shaping the Future of Tech

Unveiling Copenhagen's vibrant software startup scene, where innovation thrives, and technology transforms industries.

Welcome to the dynamic city of Copenhagen, a hotbed of technological advancement and entrepreneurial spirit. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of software startups in Copenhagen, Denmark. These 15 remarkable companies are revolutionizing industries, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and paving the way for a more efficient, connected, and sustainable future. Join us as we delve into their stories, discover their innovative solutions, and witness the transformative power of Copenhagen’s software startup ecosystem.


Oveo automates discovery, cost optimization, and security audits of all SaaS applications used company-wide. With their innovative software, they empower organizations to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance security in their digital operations.


Platypus is a SaaS startup that focuses on improving person-organization cultural alignment to reduce staff turnover. Their software solutions enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and alignment with organizational values, leading to happier and more productive teams.


Legacy simplifies and automates carbon accounting with their innovative software. By streamlining sustainability practices and tracking carbon footprints, Legacy enables businesses to make informed decisions, reduce their environmental impact, and contribute to a greener future.


Eatie is your ultimate guide to Danish restaurants. With a comprehensive database and user-friendly interface, Eatie provides a wealth of information and reviews to help diners discover the best culinary experiences in Denmark.


fairTasting is a mobile app designed by wine-lovers for wine-lovers. With a wealth of information on wines, ratings, and recommendations, fairTasting brings wine enthusiasts together, fostering a vibrant community of wine appreciation.

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Cuttles is a web app that empowers entrepreneurs to build, understand, and grow their startups. With a range of tools and resources, Cuttles simplifies the startup journey, providing valuable insights and guidance to aspiring founders. utilizes AI-driven finance management to streamline accounts payable and automation processes. Their SaaS platform enables businesses to optimize financial operations, increase efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their financial performance.

The Tokenizer

The Tokenizer is a leading platform for news and data related to the tokenization of real-world assets and the token economy. With a wealth of information and analysis, The Tokenizer keeps the community updated on the latest developments in the world of tokens and blockchain technology.


FLEXeCHARGE offers smart charging solutions for charging station manufacturers and backend providers. Their software facilitates efficient and intelligent charging infrastructure, supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and promoting sustainable transportation.


CtrlDocs specializes in developing solutions that unlock the full potential of document management systems. By enhancing user experience and functionality, CtrlDocs helps businesses optimize their document workflows, improving efficiency and collaboration.


ENVO IT is a partner-owned Copenhagen IT company that offers a range of information technology solutions. With their expertise in software development and IT services, ENVO IT supports businesses in achieving their digital objectives and driving growth.

IC Robotics

IC Robotics is a software company that creates automated product descriptions. By leveraging artificial intelligence, IC Robotics simplifies and streamlines the process of generating compelling product descriptions, enabling businesses to save time and enhance their marketing efforts.

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Storyflow powers effective content at scale with its innovative software. By leveraging artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, Storyflow enables businesses to create engaging and personalized content that resonates with their target audience.

Success Team

Success Team helps businesses identify and address team challenges through their software solutions. By providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations, Success Team supports organizations in optimizing team dynamics and achieving peak performance.


Hololink revolutionizes the world of augmented reality by providing an easy-to-use platform for creating and distributing interactive AR experiences on the web. With no coding required, Hololink empowers businesses to leverage the power of AR for marketing, education, and beyond.

Copenhagen’s software startups are driving innovation, pushing boundaries, and transforming industries with their groundbreaking solutions. To learn more about these captivating companies, visit their websites and witness the technological marvels they have crafted. Embrace the spirit of Copenhagen’s software startup ecosystem and join the journey towards a more connected and technologically advanced future.

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