Startup Showcase: MyMobai – Revolutionizing Mobile Couponing

In today’s fast-paced world, people are increasingly relying on their mobile devices for all their needs. MyMobai, a mobile couponing company, is at the forefront of this trend, providing companies with an all-in-one solution for mobile couponing. With MyMobai, advertising companies can provide mobile coupons in an open bonus program to increase sales and manage high-frequency periods.

An Innovative Solution for Companies

MyMobai provides companies with a comprehensive solution for mobile couponing, which includes an API and Skyrocket. The MyMobai API allows companies that offer mobile apps and mobile websites to integrate coupons into their own solutions and implement the entire conversion process. Additionally, MyMobai offers Skyrocket, a couponing control center where companies can easily design and manage their coupons online. Companies can create their own coupons, determine stores where the coupons can be redeemed, and deposit pictures, texts, and coupon codes. They can also define validity, contingents, target groups, and evaluate specific coupon campaigns.

Open to All Devices

MyMobai’s mobile couponing solution is compatible with various platforms, including J2ME, iPhoneApp, Android, Opera-Widget, and 360-Widget. MyMobai supports more than 700 mobile devices, which covers more than 80% of the current mobile market and more than 95% of the mobile devices that have been released during the past years. This focus on mass platforms ensures that MyMobai’s solution is accessible to all, including those with low-budget mobile phones.

A Proven Track Record

MyMobai’s innovative mobile couponing solution has already proved successful in the market. The company has created a closed bonus program for Immobilien Scout 24 GmbH, the leading real-estate company in Germany. By leveraging MyMobai’s solution, Immobilien Scout 24 GmbH has opened up an entirely new business segment and extended the chain of value.

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A Complete Solution for Mobile Couponing

MyMobai’s solution offers companies a complete solution for mobile couponing, from designing and managing coupons to integrating them into mobile apps and mobile websites. The company’s focus on mass platforms ensures that its solution is accessible to all, and its proven track record with Immobilien Scout 24 GmbH demonstrates its effectiveness.


MyMobai is a pioneering mobile couponing company that is revolutionizing how companies manage their mobile coupons. With its comprehensive solution, including an API and Skyrocket, MyMobai offers companies an all-in-one solution for mobile couponing. The company’s focus on mass platforms ensures that its solution is accessible to all, while its proven track record with Immobilien Scout 24 GmbH demonstrates its effectiveness.



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