Can Local Retailers Prosper Through a E-commerce Omni-channel Marketplace Solution?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Peddler, a startup based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, aims to turn every local retailer into a searchable and sellable omni-channel marketplace through their QCommerce platform.
  • Peddler provides consumers with access to high-quality products from local retailers, with same-day delivery convenience.
  • The startup has developed technology to turn unstructured inventories into enriched sellable product catalogs.
  • Peddler has already transformed hundreds of local delicatessen, florists, and boutique stores, connecting them with immediate demand from online consumers.

The E-Commerce industry is a rapidly growing field with immense potential for innovation. Amidst the giants, a local startup in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Peddler, is standing out with its unique approach towards on-demand delivery and local retail. Peddler’s mission is to turn every local retailer into a searchable and sellable omni-channel marketplace, ultimately creating a thriving local economy that benefits both consumers and merchants.

Unique to Peddler is their goal of providing consumers with high-quality products from their city with same-day delivery, further enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. Peddler is driven by a core belief in empowering local businesses to grow in the e-commerce realm, serving the local community with the convenience of online shopping, and maintaining high quality of products.

What sets Peddler apart from other e-commerce platforms is their technology that can translate unstructured inventories into sellable product catalogs in a matter of months. By doing so, they have successfully transformed hundreds of local delis, flower shops, and boutique stores into a unified marketplace that caters to a wider audience. Every day, its technology matches local retailer’s products with the immediate demands of online consumers.

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Peddler’s innovative business model also includes a network of urban warehouses, essentially local stores, fully optimized for e-commerce. This ingenious arrangement, combined with their e-cargo-bike service, allows for efficient same-day delivery – bringing the store experience straight to consumers’ doors.

As Peddler continues to flourish and expand, the future seems promising for this forward-thinking startup. Peddler is reshaping the e-commerce landscape by strengthening local economies and providing a platform for local retailers to shine. It reinforces the notion that local retailers can indeed prosper through a well-executed omni-channel marketplace solution.

There’s no doubt that Peddler’s approach towards local e-commerce carries immense potential for growth in the upcoming years. The traditional retail landscape is evolving, and startups like Peddler are leading the charge. You can follow their journey through their website:, or via their social media handles: Twitter-, Facebook- and LinkedIn-

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