Startup Showcase: Gofer – Revolutionizing Hiring in Construction and Hospitality Industry

Finding qualified applicants and temporary staff can be a challenge for businesses, especially in the construction and hospitality industry. This is where Gofer comes in. Based in Montpellier, France, Gofer is a community-driven, Saas-enabled temporary staff marketplace that simplifies the hiring process for businesses and applicants.

Matching High-end Hotels with Qualified Staff

Gofer focuses on high-end hotels in major cities, with a highly transferable model in geography and sector. The company’s objective is to create a pool of workers for businesses to reduce training and hiring costs while retaining their temporary staff. Businesses need flexible and reliable temporary staff, with no difference, on know-how and behavior, from their permanent staff. Workers want to work in the best environment possible, as much as they want, be paid fast, and get recognition. Gofer provides a solution to meet these needs.

Selecting and Curating Temporary Staff

Gofer selects and curates temporary staff, ensuring that the best match is done and that a pool of workers is built for a business. The company’s communities and back-office manage paperwork and payment digitally, saving precious on-site training time. The platform offers a win-win solution for both businesses and workers. Businesses can find the best qualified temporary staff and reduce training costs, while workers can work in a pleasant environment and get paid fast.

Revolutionizing Hiring in the Construction and Hospitality Industry

Gofer is revolutionizing hiring in the construction and hospitality industry by making the hiring process easy, fast, and reliable. The company is dedicated to creating a pool of qualified temporary staff to meet the needs of businesses. By taking care of paperwork and payment digitally, Gofer is also reducing the cost and time of hiring for businesses. The company is also committed to ensuring that workers are placed in a pleasant working environment and get paid fast.

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In conclusion, Gofer is a startup that simplifies the hiring process for qualified applicants in the construction and hospitality industry. With a focus on high-end hotels in major cities, Gofer curates temporary staff, manages paperwork and payment digitally, and ensures that the best match is done for businesses. With the company’s innovative approach to hiring, Gofer is revolutionizing the way businesses find qualified temporary staff.





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