Can FinTech Revolutionise Personal Investing With Expert Guided Stock Selection?

Key Takeaways

  • MyWallSt is a Dublin-based startup that aims to revolutionize personal investing through their expert-guided stock selection.
  • The company’s stock portfolio has produced an annual return in excess of 24.4 percent per annum for 11 years, and 44 percent for the last five years.
  • MyWallSt’s stock selections have outpaced the S&P 500, providing a return of 54 percent since December 2016, versus the S&P’s 28 percent.
  • They aim to cut through market noise by providing curated news and information that matters most to long-term investors.

Welcome to the universe of MyWallSt, a FinTech startup based in Dublin, Ireland, deeply tied to the mission of democratizing personal investing. Launched by Emmet Savage and John Tyrrell, MyWallSt hits the nail right on the head when they state “Everyone should be able to own their financial future.” Leveraging their prowess in Financial Services, Fintech, and Information Technology, MyWallSt has set their sights on enabling everyday investors with the tools and knowledge to build successful long-term portfolios.

MyWallSt is mobile-centric, recognising the shift towards on-the-go finance and aiming to provide a seamless interface for investors. Their vision extends beyond their immediate platform; they seek to build a thriving community where successful investors can connect, share insights, and grow. The idea is not just to provide a platform for buying stocks, but a complete ecosystem to nurture a successful investing experience.

The major differentiator for MyWallSt is its expert-guided stock selections. An analyst team reviews hundreds of prospective stocks, conducting thorough research and analysis. The result is an exclusive list of meticulously handpicked stocks, with formidable historical results. Backed by an expertise that produced a portfolio with an annual return in excess of 24.4 percent per annum for 11 years, and 44 percent for the last five years. MyWallSt’s proprietary expertise truly exemplify their commitment to excellence in selection.

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Furthermore, the startup addresses the problem of information overload in today’s digital-scape by sifting through market noise and delivering only the most critical news to its user base. Their analyst team commits hours every day to comb the incoming news, providing essential inputs to long-term investors. With their showcases of stocks and curated news, MyWallSt is essentially acting like a personal investing advisor on your smartphone.

MyWallSt’s future is bright in an industry disruptively transforming by technology. The potential for growth in the personal investing space is enormous, with many investors looking for a more guided, expertise-backed approach. As personal investing continue to gain traction, startups like MyWallSt are positioned to reap significant gains. While the future of any startup remains uncertain, the ambition and innovation demonstrated by MyWallSt seems promising.

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