Breaking Down the Success of Top EU Fintech Platform: Is The Trend Sustained?

Key Takeaways:

  •, founded in 2007, is a leading fintech firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, providing diverse financial tools and information.
  • The platform boasts over ten million unique users every month, placing it among the top 20 financial sites globally.
  • With initiatives extending towards real-time quotes, streaming charts, news, technical analysis, and other tools, it’s shaping the financial tech landscape.
  • The prospects for remain bright, considering its continual commitment to launching innovative features that meet the evolving market demands.

Recognised as one of the top EU fintech companies, is having a profound impact on financial markets worldwide. Launched in 2007 in Nicosia, Cyprus, this disruptive startup serves as a critical source for a trove of tools and information about global financial trends. With over ten million monthly unique users, is discernibly placing itself atop the pinnacles of the world’s 20 most influential financial sites.

The platform boasts features that encompass real-time quotes and streaming charts, as well as up-to-minute financial news. Additionally, it provides valuable insights in the forms of technical analysis, directory of broker listings, and crucial economic calendar updates. With its ever-increasing global readership, is incessantly redefining the agenda for global fintech platforms.

What sets apart from its competitors is its unyielding commitment to innovation. By constantly launching new features and sections, the firm ensures an optimal one-stop source for its readership. Furthermore, its comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of financial markets, including Currencies, Indices & Stocks, Futures and Options, Commodities, and Rates & Bonds, solidifies its standing as a benchmark within the FinTech world.

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The startup also has a distinctive advantage of having its locations spread across the globe, including offices in Cyprus, Madrid, and Tel Aviv. This serves as a foundation to its diverse workforce of over 200 employees dedicated to creating a seamless experience for users, thereby fostering unique perspectives on global financial trends.

The future looks promising for, given both its success so far and its determination to continue championing financial innovation. With the fintech landscape evolving rapidly, the platform’s situation-specific tools and resources position it at the helm of a swiftly changing industry. The company’s spirit of continual innovation and investment in timely data delivery promise exciting potential for both the platform and the field.

Follow this groundbreaking company’s progress at its official website, or on its social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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