Berlin’s E-Commerce Scene: 15 Innovative Startups Making Waves

Meet the dynamic and diverse e-commerce startups in Berlin that are revolutionizing the way we shop, work, and live.

Berlin’s tech ecosystem is thriving, and its e-commerce startups are at the forefront of innovation. From sustainable fashion to decentralized groceries, these 15 startups are disrupting industries and pushing boundaries. Here are some of the most exciting e-commerce startups in Berlin:

Staiy – Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Marketplace

Staiy is a marketplace for sustainable shopping and lifestyle. It connects consumers with brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices. The platform offers a wide range of products, from fashion and beauty to jewelry and lifestyle.

Charles – E-Commerce & Chatbot Integration Software

Charles is a software company that helps businesses integrate their e-commerce and chatbot tools into a single interface. The platform streamlines customer communication and improves efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for companies looking to scale their e-commerce operations.

ZNIKLEZ – Artist-Follower Platform

ZNIKLEZ is a platform that connects artists with their followers. The software allows artists to showcase their work, engage with fans, and sell merchandise directly to their audience.

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ERA Zero Waste – Decentralized Groceries Platform

ERA Zero Waste is a decentralized groceries platform that offers customers a weekly supermarket list directly from the source. By connecting consumers with local producers, the platform reduces waste and supports sustainable agriculture.

Codept – Cloud-Based E-Commerce Logistics Platform

Codept is a cloud-based e-commerce logistics platform that offers flexible warehousing and fulfillment services across Europe. The platform streamlines logistics operations and enables companies to scale quickly and efficiently.

DTC Ventures – Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce

DTC Ventures is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform that helps businesses build and scale their online stores. The platform offers a range of services, from branding and marketing to logistics and fulfillment.

Lyght Living – Furniture-as-a-Service

Lyght Living provides easy access to interior products through furniture-as-a-service. The platform offers a range of furniture and home decor items for rent, making it an affordable and sustainable option for consumers.

Happz – Online Ordering & Reservation System for Restaurants

Happz is a web portal that provides restaurants with a digital menu, online ordering, and reservation system. The platform streamlines restaurant operations and enhances the customer experience.

The Slow Label – Sustainable Women’s Fashion Webshop

The Slow Label is a webshop that offers sustainable fashion for women. The platform prioritizes ethical production practices and sustainable materials, making it an excellent option for conscious consumers.

MyHelpBuddy – Community Marketplace for Personal Services

MyHelpBuddy is a community marketplace for personal services, from packaging and home services to professional services. The platform connects consumers with local service providers, making it easy to find reliable and affordable services.

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HUUS Booths – Private Booths for Workspaces

HUUS Booths is an e-commerce website that makes private booths for workspaces. The platform offers a range of customizable booths that are perfect for remote work, collaboration, and privacy.

CarFellows – Online Car Leasing Platform

CarFellows is an online platform that allows consumers to lease cars. The platform streamlines the car leasing process and offers competitive prices and a hassle-free experience.

TrueNode – Venture-Driven Product Studio

TrueNode is a venture-driven product studio that brings together product design, growth marketing, and engineering. The platform helps startups build and scale their products, from ideation to launch.

Greattness – Inspirational Canvas Wall Art

Greattness offers modern and inspirational canvas wall art to boost your home, gym, or office with success. The platform offers a range of motivational designs that inspire and motivate consumers to reach their goals.

AirVting – Social-Commerce Platform with Live-Streaming

AirVting is a social-commerce platform that uses live-streaming to promote e-commerce activities. The platform allows sellers to showcase their products and connect with buyers in real-time, making it a unique and engaging shopping experience.


In conclusion, Berlin’s e-commerce scene is thriving with innovative startups that are transforming industries and pushing boundaries. From sustainable fashion to decentralized groceries, these startups are changing the way we shop, work, and live. As the tech ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, we can expect even more exciting developments from these and other Berlin-based e-commerce startups in the future.

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