15 Innovative Software Startups in Portugal You Need to Know About

Discover the game-changing software startups in Portugal that are shaking up industries and revolutionizing technology.

Portugal’s startup scene is thriving, and its software startups are leading the way in innovation. From sustainable mobility to digital twins for power grids, these 15 startups are pushing boundaries and transforming industries. Here are some of the most exciting software startups in Portugal:

GoWithFlow – Sustainable Mobility Management Solution

GoWithFlow is a mobility management solution that optimizes the entire mobility and energy lifecycle. By managing transportation and energy consumption, the platform helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability.

Enline – Digital Twins for Power Grids

Enline is a world leader in the development of digital twins for power grids. The platform uses advanced technology to simulate and predict the behavior of power grids, improving their efficiency and reliability.

X-Plora – Platform for Physical and Virtual Tours

X-Plora is a platform for physical and virtual tours that uses augmented reality, gamification, and blockchain to enhance visitor experiences. The platform is ideal for museums, landmarks, and cultural sites.

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Hoopers – Digital Platform for Basketball Fans

Hoopers is a digital platform that connects basketball players, fans, and enthusiasts through fields, content, experiences, and NFT. The platform provides a community for basketball lovers and enhances the fan experience.

Decision Eyes – Medical Technology Assessment

Decision Eyes uses multiple criteria decision analysis to assess the value of medical technologies. The platform helps medical professionals make informed decisions about which technologies to adopt.

InsurAds – Time and Attention Insurance for Digital Advertisement

InsurAds is the world’s first time and attention insurance for digital advertisement and time monetization platform for publishers. The platform helps businesses mitigate the risks associated with advertising and protect their revenue.

BlueLabs Malta – Sports Betting Platform

BlueLabs Malta is a software development company that provides a sports betting platform. The platform offers a wide range of sports and markets, making it a popular choice for sports betting enthusiasts.

REATIA – Real Estate Database

REATIA delivers the cleanest and most complete real estate database, solving chaos and asymmetric information in real estate. The platform is ideal for real estate professionals and investors looking to make informed decisions.

OREYEON – Airport Safety Procedures

OREYEON develops solutions that improve airport safety procedures. The platform helps airports and airlines minimize risks and enhance safety for passengers and employees.

A/B Smartly – Experimentation Platform for Product Teams

A/B Smartly is an experimentation platform for product teams that enables communication and velocity across the organization. The platform helps businesses optimize their products and improve the customer experience.

Catappult Console – Blockchain App Distribution Console

Catappult is for Android developers who want to be free from gatekeepers and seek the best distribution, promotion and monetization strategies for their products. It is the one-stop shop to connect with multiple app stores and reach over 430 million users

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BondLayer – No-Code Tool for Business Apps and Sites

BondLayer is the next-gen no-code tool for building and publishing business apps and sites. The platform simplifies the app development process, enabling businesses to launch their apps quickly and efficiently.

gStudio – Software Applications Development and Management

gStudio develops software applications, design, manage, and host private applications. The platform is ideal for businesses looking to improve their productivity and streamline their operations.

ngKloud – Multi-Cloud Reselling Automation

ngKloud is a public cloud SaaS that automates the reselling of multi-cloud services to B2B markets without the need for technical knowledge. The platform helps businesses save time and money by simplifying the cloud reselling process.

KOI Systems – Custom Cloud and Web Applications Development

KOI Systems offers custom cloud, web applications development, and project management services. The platform is ideal for businesses lookingto build and launch their own custom applications and software solutions.


In conclusion, Portugal’s software startup scene is booming with innovative companies that are making a name for themselves on the global stage. These 15 startups are just the tip of the iceberg, representing the diverse range of technologies and industries that Portugal’s startups are disrupting and transforming. As the country’s tech ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, we can expect even more exciting developments and breakthroughs from Portugal’s software startups in the years to come.

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