Barcelona’s AI Revolution: 15 Groundbreaking Startups Leading the Way

Exploring Barcelona's vibrant tech ecosystem with a focus on Artificial Intelligence pioneers.

Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, is renowned for its rich culture and stunning architecture. But beyond its historic charm lies a thriving tech scene, particularly in Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 innovative AI startups that are reshaping Barcelona’s technological landscape.


Website: Nuclia

Nuclia is an API designed to empower developers in creating AI-powered search engines, ushering in a new era of intelligent information retrieval.

Nina Capital

Website: Nina Capital

Nina Capital invests in need-driven founders building health tech companies with international ambitions, leveraging data analytics and AI in healthcare innovation.


Website: Talentfy

Talentfy revolutionizes IT recruiting with AI, connecting companies with the best freelance IT recruiters and streamlining the hiring process.


Website: Nextmol

Nextmol’s cloud-based platform accelerates chemical design through molecular modeling and AI, ushering in a new era of chemical discovery.


Website: Paymefy

Paymefy provides an AI-driven debt collection solution, enabling businesses to recover debts more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Sycai Technologies

Website: Sycai Technologies

Sycai Technologies empowers healthcare services through artificial intelligence, enhancing patient care with data-driven insights.


Website: Datavision

Datavision offers an AI Ops platform that leverages machine learning, log analytics, APM, and cybersecurity to ensure seamless IT operations.

Aimentia HealthTech

Website: Aimentia HealthTech

Aimentia HealthTech’s AI platform transforms mental healthcare, providing professionals and patients with powerful tools for the modern era.

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Website: Clinicgram

Clinicgram employs AI to optimize clinical image management in wound care, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of healthcare.

Bobelo Travel

Website: Bobelo Travel

Bobelo Travel is an intelligent travel agency that harnesses AI to craft the perfect business travel itineraries, combining efficiency and convenience.

Envjoy Nature

Website: Envjoy Nature

Envjoy Nature challenges the status quo by using AI and augmented reality to reconnect humans with the wonders of the natural world.


Website: SaFLY

SaFLY employs AI to manage operational disruptions in the aviation industry, optimizing costs and improving passenger experiences.


Website: Beawre

Beawre provides innovative solutions for continuous operational risk management, utilizing AI to enhance safety and efficiency.

AllRead Machine Learning Technologies

Website: AllRead Machine Learning Technologies

AllRead offers deep tech solutions by bringing intelligent reading software to global supply chains, improving accuracy and efficiency.

The Predictive Company

Website: The Predictive Company

The Predictive Company specializes in AI solutions for energy management in buildings, promoting sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Barcelona’s AI startups are at the forefront of innovation, contributing to advancements in healthcare, finance, travel, and more. As they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the city’s tech ecosystem is primed for a brighter, AI-powered future.

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