Aptamer Group Scoops £3.6M in Recent Post-IPO Equity Fundraise

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Key Takeaways:

  • Aptamer Group, a biotechnology startup, has raised £3.6 million in a recent funding round.
  • The funding round, which was through Post-IPO equity, marked the company’s third.
  • The York-based company focuses on developing DNA and RNA nucleic acid aptamers for use in various fields such as R&D, biomarker discovery, diagnostics or therapeutic developments.
  • The latest funding round brings the total funding amount to approximately $8 million.

Leading biotechnology startup Aptamer Group recently closed a successful funding round, raising a whopping £3.6 million. The recent fundraising, which took place through Post-IPO equity, marks the company’s third round.

Based in York, United Kingdom, Aptamer Group operates in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Health Diagnostics industries. They specialise in the development of DNA and RNA nucleic acid aptamers, which have various applications including R&D, biomarker discovery, diagnostics, and therapeutic developments.

Before this fundraise, the total funding amount for the company stood at approximately $8 million. There have not been any details released regarding the lead investor (s) or the investor names in this round. The funding process was completed on the 31st of July, 2023.

For more details about the funding details and history of the company, visit their profile on Crunchbase.

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