Apps in the City of Lights: 15 Innovative Parisian Startups to Keep an Eye On

15 Game-Changing Startups Shaping the Future of Apps in Ile-de-France, France

Paris, the city of lights, has become a hub for app startups in recent years. From AI-enabled image capturing to quantum processors and instant messaging apps, Parisian app startups are disrupting traditional industries and bringing innovation to the forefront. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 interesting app startups in Paris, Ile-de-France, France.

Qovery: Empowering Developers to Deploy Apps

Qovery is a platform that empowers developers to deploy their applications in AWS and Kubernetes. By providing an easy-to-use platform, Qovery enables developers to focus on building their applications instead of worrying about deployment.

TapNation: Collaborating to Create Hit Games

TapNation is an app startup that focuses on creating hit games. By collaborating with developers and publishers, TapNation is able to create games that are engaging and entertaining.

C12 Quantum Electronics: Developing Quantum Processors

C12 Quantum Electronics is a startup that develops reliable quantum processors with carbon nanotubes. With their cutting-edge technology, C12 Quantum Electronics is poised to revolutionize the electronics industry.

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OneFlash: Mobile Power Bank Rental App

OneFlash is an application that allows users to rent mobile power banks from stations. With their app, users can quickly and easily charge their devices on the go.

Cauri Money: Digital Banking Solutions

Cauri Money specializes in financial technology with a wide range of digital banking solutions via app for fund transfer. With their user-friendly app, Cauri Money is making banking more accessible to everyone.

PhotoRoom: AI-Enabled Image Capturing App

PhotoRoom is an AI-enabled image capturing app that lets users create studio-quality product pictures in seconds. With their app, users can quickly and easily take high-quality product photos.

DivRiots: Building Software to Empower Front-End Teams

DivRiots is a startup that builds great software to empower front-end teams. With their focus on front-end development, DivRiots is helping to build the apps of the future.

canB: New Banking Platform

canB is a new banking platform that offers accounts, cards, reports, and security services. With their innovative platform, canB is disrupting the traditional banking industry.

Karamel: App for Parents to Find the Best for Kids

Karamel is an app to find the best for your kids from 0 to 18 years. With their app, parents can quickly and easily find the best products and services for their children.

WeWard: Mobile App that Converts Steps into Euros

WeWard is a mobile app that converts steps into € and promotes drive to store. With their innovative app, WeWard is encouraging healthy habits and supporting local businesses.

Pulp: French Ordering Platform for Local Takeouts

Pulp is the number one French ordering platform for local takeouts in restaurants. With their app, users can quickly and easily order food from their favorite local restaurants.

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Kraaft: Instant Messenger App for Site Monitoring is an instant messenger app dedicated to site monitoring for VRD public works trades: roads and various networks. With their app, site managers can quickly and easily monitor their worksites.

Memorizer: AI-Based Mobile Application for Data Recording

Memorizer is an AI-based mobile application that records data day to day activities of a person by image recognition. With their app, users can quickly and easily record their daily activities.

Nalia: CRM Tool with Real-Time Alerts

Nalia is a CRM tool that analyzes data and provides real-time alerts. With their user-friendly app, businesses can quickly and easily manage their customer relationships.

Evodev: IT Solutions Provider for Web and Mobile Applications

Evodev is an IT solutions provider that expertise in developing mobile and web applications. With their focus on innovation and technology, Evodev is helping businesses to stay ahead in a competitive market.


These 15 app startups in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in app development. With their innovative technology and focus on user-centered design, they are bringing new ideas to traditional industries and creating a brighter future for all. Keep an eye on these game-changers as they continue to shape the future of apps.

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