15 Disruptive IT Startups from Spain That Will Blow Your Mind

Spain has become a hub for innovative and disruptive startups that are transforming the way we do business. From AI-powered solutions to digital marketplaces, Spanish startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the information technology industry. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 of the most interesting IT startups in Spain, each of which is changing the game in its respective field.

DynamEat: Digitizing Menus for the HORECA Industry

DynamEat is a solution for the HORECA industry that allows businesses to digitize their menus and optimize profits thanks to dynamic pricing and menu engineering. Founded by Alessio Di Gaetano and Javier Espinosa, DynamEat is revolutionizing the way restaurants and bars manage their menus.

Bildia: A Platform for Construction Estimation and Acquisition

Bildia is a platform that provides construction estimation and acquisition services, making it easier for construction companies to manage their projects. Founded by Jerónimo van Schendel Erice, Bildia has quickly become one of the most innovative companies in the construction industry.

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Logistiko Labs: Automating Logistics and Distribution

Logistiko Labs is a logistics and distribution company that automates the management of delivery, making it faster and more efficient. With a focus on apps, information technology, mobile apps, and software, Logistiko Labs is at the forefront of logistics innovation.

Talentfy: AI-Powered Marketplace for IT Recruitment

Talentfy is an AI-powered marketplace that connects companies with freelance IT recruiters. Using AI, Talentfy assigns the top three recruiters for each case, making recruitment faster and more efficient. Founded by Pere Rosell Soler and Santi Molins Mateu, Talentfy is disrupting the human resources industry.

Promos: Combining Machine Learning and Crowdsourced Market Research

Promos is a startup that combines machine learning and crowdsourced market research data, providing businesses with valuable insights into their markets. With a focus on business intelligence, information technology, machine learning, and market research, Promos is transforming the way businesses gather market data.

Datavision: AI Ops Platform for Analytics and Cybersecurity

Datavision is an AI Ops platform that provides machine learning, log analytics, APM, and cybersecurity services. With a focus on analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software, Datavision is one of the most innovative companies in the information technology industry.

Lifull Connect: Global Marketplace for Life Decisions

Lifull Connect is a global marketplace that helps people make some of their biggest decisions in life, such as buying a home or choosing a school. Founded by Gonzalo Del Pozo, Lifull Connect is a leader in the information technology and internet marketplace industries.

MainRail: IT Solutions for Infrastructure Maintenance

MainRail is a high-tech company that provides IT-based solutions for infrastructure maintenance operations. With a focus on information services and information technology, MainRail is changing the way infrastructure maintenance is done.

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Idrus: VoiceBot Solutions for Call Center Operations

Idrus is a company dedicated to building VoiceBot solutions to automate call center operations. With a focus on finance, information technology, insurance, and software, Idrus is transforming the call center industry.

GoHub: Supporting Deep Tech Startups in B2B SaaS

GoHub is a startup that helps deep tech startups with disruptive solutions in B2B SaaS. With a focus on information technology and SaaS, GoHub is helping startups achieve their potential.

SMEBOOK: Innovation Platform for Tech Companies

SMEBOOK is an innovation platform where tech companies and their employees can intelligently connect and exchange resources and information. With a focus on business intelligence, information technology, and natural language processing, SMEBOOK is a valuable resource for tech companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. Founded by Basilio Fernández, SMEBOOK is changing the way tech companies connect and innovate.

Alice Biometrics: Online Identity Verification for Digital On-boarding

Alice Biometrics is an online identity verification solution for digital on-boarding and KYC/AML compliance. With a focus on biometrics, FinTech, information technology, and software, Alice Biometrics is a leader in the field of online identity verification.

Aimentia HealthTech: AI Platform for Mental Health

Aimentia HealthTech is an artificial intelligence platform created to help professionals and patients for the new era of mental health. With a focus on artificial intelligence, health care, information technology, and software, Aimentia HealthTech is changing the way mental health is approached and treated.

Crypto Plaza: Coworking Space for Crypto Startups

Crypto Plaza is a coworking space that supports each other to create business opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry. Founded by Javier Esteban Piñeiro and Jesus Perez, Crypto Plaza is a hub for crypto startups looking to grow and innovate.

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Adevinta Spain: Digital Marketplace Specialist

Adevinta Spain is a digital marketplace specialist and a family of local digital brands. With a focus on information technology, internet, and marketplace, Adevinta Spain is transforming the way we buy and sell goods and services online.


Spain is home to some of the most innovative and disruptive startups in the information technology industry. From AI-powered solutions to digital marketplaces, these startups are changing the game in their respective fields. We hope this article has given you an insight into some of the most interesting IT startups in Spain, and we encourage you to check out their websites to learn more about their products and services.

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