Startup Showcase: Hytchers – Sustainable Deliveries for E-commerce

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, so does the number of parcels being shipped worldwide. The increase in deliveries has resulted in a surge of carbon emissions, which has a significant impact on the environment. However, Hytchers, a Belgian startup, is tackling this issue head-on by providing sustainable delivery solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Identifying Suitable Drivers for Deliveries

Hytchers connects with a broad community of drivers to transport packages without creating additional CO2 emissions. By using the drivers’ regular commutes and driving patterns, Hytchers identifies which drivers are best suited to delivering the parcels. The platform then provides the drivers with the most effective routes through various communication channels, such as push notifications and emails. The algorithm used by Hytchers combines multiple optimized commuting routes to transport packages, which is why a parcel may stop at various distribution points before reaching its final destination.

100% CO2 Neutral Deliveries

The focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness sets Hytchers apart from other traditional courier services. The startup ensures that every transportation of a parcel is 100% CO2 neutral. Hytchers offsets the carbon footprint by investing in ecological projects, guaranteeing that no additional CO2 is emitted. As a result, Hytchers not only provides a convenient parcel delivery service but also ensures a more sustainable future for our planet.

Revolutionizing the Delivery Industry

Hytchers is revolutionizing the delivery industry by providing an alternative way of delivering packages that is both efficient and sustainable. The startup’s unique approach to transportation of goods has not only gained traction among businesses but has also won several awards. Hytchers won the Sustainability Prize at the last edition of the prestigious Digital Wallonia Startups Awards. The startup has also secured funding to help it expand its services in Europe and beyond.

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Final Thoughts

Hytchers is a remarkable startup that offers a sustainable delivery solution for e-commerce businesses. By utilizing existing driving patterns and routes, Hytchers minimizes the number of carbon emissions generated by traditional couriers. The startup’s mission to reduce the impact of parcel deliveries on the environment is commendable, and its approach is both innovative and eco-friendly. Hytchers’ impact is already being felt in Europe, and it’s exciting to see the startup’s potential to transform the parcel delivery industry.





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