Who are Madrid’s Most Influential Financial Services Startups in 2023?

A Glimpse Into Madrid's Uprising Financial Services Startups

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The Spanish capital Madrid is not just known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrancy, but also for its bustling startup ecosystem. Particularly noteworthy is the proliferation of financial services startups that are challenging conventions and bringing innovative solutions to the market. The financial sector has been traditionally slow to evolve, making it ripe for disruption. The diverse range of Madrid-based startups is certainly playing their part in this transformation, providing unique solutions to various economic sectors across different industries. This article will introduce you to the exciting startups changing the financial sector, right from the heart of Spain – Madrid.

1. Lana

Lana is a technology platform designed primarily for Gig Economy workers. As a financial marketplace, Lana operates extensively in LATAM. It represents a much-needed financial solution for an increasingly rising workforce. Founders Alvaro Jara Chavarría, Carla Cardoso, and Juan Camilo Pineda have revolutionized the way this sector accesses the financial market.

2. Devengo

Another financial service startup based out of Madrid is Devengo. Their inventive B2B API helps clients orchestrate speedy and programmable payouts using next-generation payment protocols. Alberto Molpeceres and Fernando Cabello-Astolfi are the entrepreneurial minds behind Devengo.

3. Lucas

Lucas is a startup that offers a new and accessible way to home ownership for millennials through a Rent to Buy model. Co-founded by Jorge Arturo Cáceres and Steven Aitkenhead, Lucas is redefining property management and real estate investment.

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4. Portfolio Stock Exchange

With Portfolio Stock Exchange, we have a fresh entrant in the financial services industry. It is a unique stock exchange with primary & secondary market for equity, debt & funds for issuers and investors. The brainchild of Mariano Torrecilla, this startup is challenging traditional investment practices.

5. Criptoro

Criptoro, co-founded by Jesus Sanchez Bermejo, provides an extensive list of fintech services namely blockchain, digital marketing, tax consulting, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency services.

6. Nextep Finance

Spearheaded by Víctor Alvargonzález, Nextep Finance is a specialized advisory company that designs and monitors investment funds and portfolios.

7. Findango

Findango is a commercial company offering financing solutions to non-banking companies.

8. Soluciona Mi Deuda

Soluciona Mi Deuda is a fintech company that provides solutions for over-indebtedness.

9. Sistema Efactura

Sistema Efactura offers an electronic invoicing and factoring solutions platform for businesses and public administrations.

10. Pepper Servicing Spain

Pepper Servicing Spain is a credit management and intelligence company that also provides wealth management services.

11. Senda Vivir Seguros

Senda Vivir Seguros offers a wide range of personal and business insurance products along with consulting services.

12. Aglaia Capital

Ángela Álvarez founded Aglaia Capital which facilitates Corporate Finance assets, backed deals, alternative investments, and financial advice on token generating events.

13. StudentFinance

StudentFinance, co-founded by Mariano Kostelec, Marta Palmeiro, and Miguel Santo Amaro, is a Global Career Mobility Fintech platform that supports reskilling and upskilling of the global workforce.

14. Mumtree

Mumtree invests capital in growth stage impact companies with a consolidated business model with a social or environmental impact at the center.

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15. LIBEEN Smart Housing

LIBEEN Smart Housing, spearheaded by José Manuel Cartes González and Sofía Iturbe Cobos, is a rent-to-buy PropTech company dedicated to making homeownership affordable, easy, and flexible for all millennials!

The mentioned startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Madrid’s thriving financial services startups. These startups are not only revolutionizing the financial sector but are also positively impacting other industries and the lives of people who use their services.

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