Who Are France’s Most Influential Management Consulting Startups in 2023?

France, with its rich heritage of culture and technology, has risen to become one of the prominent places for startups to thrive. Especially in the realm of Management Consulting, there has been a significant surge of upcoming firms that are applying innovative technology and principles to revolutionize the industry. This article showcases 15 diverse and promising management consulting startups from France that deserve your attention.

These startups have played a crucial role in providing guidance and tools to organizations to improve their businesses. From HR solutions to Finance advising, to even managing organizational change, these French startups have become reliable partners for companies in France and beyond its borders. With comprehensive services and exceptional strategies, they have established themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

Today, we venture into the land of croissants and the Eiffel Tower to understand more about these unique startups and learns how they are transforming the landscape of management consulting.


Atscale is a gamechanger in the realm of business development and human resources consulting. Founded by Pierre Trannoy, Pierre Verstraeten, and Stephane Azamar-Krier, Atscale focuses on scaling business sales machines and the people function with its top-notch consulting services. It firmly stands in the intersection of Business Development, Consulting, Human Resources, and Management Consulting industries.


In the world of human resource development, Teamii is providing auditing software, dashboards, and productivity tools for enhancing employee wellbeing. Their services extend in the Industries of Human Resources, Management Consulting, Professional Services, and Software.

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Located at Prodeos, lies a team that put their focus on operational effectiveness, transformation, change, and risk management services. Founded by Brice Serge Fosso, Prodeos is known for its QHSE software and top-tier management consulting services.


Dynemia is a management consulting firm that also specializes in product management, skill development, and organizational consulting. It’s the perfect intersection of Consulting, Management Consulting, Product Management, and Training industries.


Alfred, founded by Wilfrid Albersdorfer, is a service management expert that brilliantly combines technology, sourcing, and people. Its core sectors revolve around Developer APIs, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, and the Service Industry.

Akiba Business Partners

Akiba Business Partners, founded by Kamayou Christian, is a renowned strategy consulting firm. Its expert team works in the vast sectors of Consulting, Finance, Innovation Management, and Management Consulting.

Groupe Lynkeos

Groupe Lynkeos is a celebrated management and organization consulting firm. Their professionalism and expertise in the Consulting, Management Consulting, and Professional Services sectors differentiate them.


With focus on management consulting, automation, deployment and integration, and data exploitation, Scalizer is a business consultancy whose approach is creating waves in its constituent sectors.


organyze, founded by David Sciamma and Guillaume Raverat, provides tools and services to integrate remote work in organizations and be more efficient and aligned with world changes.

Community Portage

Community Portage stands tall as a digital wage portage company. It provides consulting services in financial management and online simulators, leaving a significant mark on the Employment, Human Resources, and Management Consulting sectors.


Specializing in digital marketing, production analysis, and revenue management services, DoYield has fashioned itself as an extraordinary consultancy in the Digital Marketing and Management Consulting industries.

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HR values

HR values stands out by providing human resource management and development services. They’ve established a reputation in the Human Resources, Management Consulting, and Recruiting industries.

Lucky Link

Lucky Link is a consulting firm that facilitates the link between healthcare companies and patients to accelerate partnerships. It sails comfortably in the Consulting, Health Care, Management Consulting, and Wellness sectors.


Artoche wins hearts in the building community with its simple and intuitive estimate and invoice software. It has emerged as a reliable partner for building tradesmen in the Finance, Management Consulting, Service Industry, and Software sectors.

WiScale France

WiScale France is an outstanding consulting agency that provides management, IT, and digital marketing services. It assists customers in developing better products, making waves in the Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Management Consulting, and Project Management sectors.

These startups have paved their way with insightful strategies, intuitive software, and innovative management tactics. They are changing what we perceive as management consulting, reshaping the business world and preparing it for the future. Let’s watch out for these companies as they continue to inspire and redefine their fields.

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