Which Spanish Training Startups Are Transforming the EU’s Education Landscape?

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Spain is emerging as a global hub for innovative startups, particularly in the training and education sectors. These startups are leveraging technology to offer new learning experiences and training solutions, from augmented reality and cryptocurrency education to education for the elderly and hospitality consulting. This article is dedicated to showcasing these companies, highlighting how each one is contributing to the development of innovative teaching methods and training systems, helping to transform the future of education in Spain.

The startups included span various industries, from technology and finance to health, hospitality, and real estate. Each one aims to address a unique challenge or opportunity within their respective industry, using innovative methods and tools to deliver impactful training and education. Here, we will delve into a detailed description of each startup, providing an overview of their offerings, and introducing you to their founders.

This article aims not only to showcase the diverse range of education and training startups in Spain but also to shine a light on the entrepreneurial spirit flourishing in this country. With the right resources, support, and innovative ideas, Spain’s education and training sector is poised for significant growth.


Emersive specializes in using virtual reality and augmented reality for immersive learning experiences. They design and develop applications that transform traditional training methods, making learning more engaging and effective.

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Mundo Crypto

Mundo Crypto is a financial education platform offering cryptocurrency training courses. Their curriculum covers digital earning, bitcoin, and blockchain technology, empowering users with the knowledge to participate in the rapidly evolving digital economy.


Founded by Carlos Caballero, Tallentto offers gamified mobile training for sales teams and commercial departments. The startup brilliantly brings together the realms of personal development and corporate training into one cohesive platform.


Bleta designs a tablet for elders to stay connected with their loved ones, boosting the quality of life. While also providing entertaining and easy to comprehend digital learning experiences.

Agility for All

Under the leadership of Indra A. Books, Agility for All is a business consulting firm that provides corporate training, change management, and facilitation services. The firm aids businesses in smooth transition processes, effective operations, and improved productivity.


Spacetechies, founded by Anthony Serrano, is a school of technology that provides wide-ranging tech courses and workshops for adults, children, and youth. They are committed to fostering a passion for technology and learning at an early age.

The Agile Program

The Agile Program provides online training on agile methodologies, helping professionals and organizations improve their project management and software development practices.

Health Issues

Health Issues is a unique startup providing media relation and communication services in the health care sector, including training for effective communication and event organization within healthcare services.

Special Lodgings

Founded by Maribel Jiménez Atienza, Special Lodgings offers hospitality consulting and advisory services, including asset management, operational training, and market research, helping establishments withinthe hospitality industry to thrive.

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Developed by Alex Fernandez and Javier Lozano, Rimud is an app designed to improve kids’ academic performance. It provides various speech and psychological tools to aid education.

EMC Barcelona

EMC Barcelona is a firm specializing in electromagnetic compatibility, offering R&D, testing, and consultancy services, along with training modules to help businesses better leverage this technology.


CIARE is a platform that provides real estate and architecture courses, imparting practical knowledge and training for professionals in these fields.

NeXO Professional Community

Founded by Miguel Moraleda, NeXO Professional Community is an open organization, aiding businesses in the current technological environment through training and consulting services.

The Bridge

The Bridge offers life-changing education programs in digital technologies. Their services are directed towards individuals, companies, and educational institutions, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age.

El Decantador

El Decantador specializes in selling a broad collection of wine, spirits, and food items of various brands online and in retail. They also educate customers about different types, qualities, and aspects of wine and beverages.

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