Which Lombardian Startups Are Revolutionizing the Italian Sustainability Scene in 2023?

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Sustainability is no longer a niche market, but a global trend. It is not surprising that a number of startups from Lombardia, Italy are leading the way in this fast emerging field. From manufacturing and technology, consulting, and packaging services, to applications and software solutions, these businesses are redesigning our world in a more sustainable way. Let us delve deeper into the works, visions, and contributions of these exciting young companies.

The discussion on sustainability is centered around approaches to economy, society, and environment. It extends to all sectors, with startups operating in as diverse sectors as urban mobility, fashion, agriculture and more. Our feature today will cover 15 of the most promising startup companies in Lombardia that are paving the way to a greener future.

As we highlight their stories, work, and vision, we hope to inspire other startups, entrepreneurs and businesses to align their operations with sustainable practices, so we all can contribute to a sustainable world for future generations.


Qwarzo operates in the manufacturing and recycling industry. Specializing in the production and distribution of recyclable and biodegradable disposable paper made products, Qwarzo promotes sustainability by offering environmentally friendly alternatives.


Mobee innovatively combines technology and environmental consciousness. As an integrated platform for urban mobility management, Mobee contributes to the evolution of the electric vehicle sector, logistics, and Internet of Things applications to maximize resources and minimize waste.

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Cikis Studio

In the fashion industry, Cikis Studio, founded by Serena Rebecca Moro, is an emerging name. They provide consulting services specializing in fashion sustainability courses, certifications, and training programs.


TT89 serves the packaging services industry, focusing on sustainability by producing HDPE packaging, drums, and IBC tanks. In a world filled with disposable packaging, TT89 makes a significant contribution toward responsible consumption.


Gremove specializes in sustainable technological development, contributing to diverse sectors such as Media and Entertainment, Trade Shows and more. It is exploring innovative ways to cut down our carbon footprint.

Dom Terry Agrisolutions

Specializing in sustainable agriculture practices, Dom Terry Agrisolutions provides research, development, and marketing of nutrition solutions.


Omar Fogliadini is the founder of LIFEdata, an Omni-Channel As A Service business. They champion sustainable commerce by accelerating revenue through personalized omnichannel experiences.


Ecomate, founded by Adelio Bollini, Alan Gallicchio, and Alessandro Colosi, is an ESG platform that monitors company performances. It champions sustainable business by providing B2B, Enterprise Software, and other solutions.

B4i – Bocconi for innovation

In the field of education and technology, B4i – Bocconi for innovation utilizes Bocconi’s network and resources to develop startup projects committed to sustainability.


Piantando, founded by Andrea Evangelista and Chiara Riente, supports social and environmental projects, enveloping communities with sustainable initiatives.


MUGO, founded by Benedetto Ruggeri, is an app-based platform championing sustainability by empowering consumers to fight climate change using technology.


An online trading platform, shwop.io, encourages users to freely exchange books and electronic products, contributing to a more sustainable use of resources.

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Circular Innovation

Founded by Alexander Paciello and Gianna Paciello, Circular Innovation is an accelerator of the transformation process towards sustainable and digital business models.


INTELLICO is sleekly developing software for smart factories and buildings, highlighting the importance of technology in achieving sustainability.


Founders Fabio Iandolo and Umberto Naples of Fourgreen provide integrated energy efficiency and environmental services to food and beverage distribution companies, thus enhancing sustainability in the food and beverage industry.

These fifteen sustainability startups are paving the way towards a greener future. As technology progresses, companies should strive to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations, just like these firms from Lombardia, Italy do. Every step towards sustainability is a step towards a brighter and healthier world.

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