Which Lombardia FinTech Startups Are Revolutionizing Italy’s Finance Sector in 2023?

In the heart of Italy lies Lombardia, a buzzing hub for innovation, where many FinTech startups are making their mark on the financial industry. From digital transformation applications to investment automation programs, these startups are revolutionizing how businesses and individuals manage their finances. Credit goes to incubators, angel investors, and entrepreneurs such as Antonino Leonardi and Lino Leonardi, founders of Zappyrent, who have made Lombardia a landmark for thriving fintech start-ups. Let’s dive in to learn more about what each startup does in detail.

Lombardia’s FinTech startups leverage technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and more to offer unique financial solutions. These startups, which usually start as small-scale tech-savvy businesses, have gradually seized significant market share from traditional financial institutions. They have accomplished this by addressing customer pain points and providing digital solutions unavailable within traditional financial systems.

The startups we are about to cover are characterized by their creativity, their determination to make finance more accessible, and most importantly, their ability to provide solutions that not only solve existing problems but also foresee future possibilities. Here is a list of 15 notables ones in Lombardia, Italy.


Zappyrent is a platform designed to make long-term home renting fast and secure. Founded by Antonino Leonardi and Lino Leonardi, it operates within FinTech, Information Technology, and Real Estate industries. Zappyrent ensures the renting process is hassle-free and trustworthy.

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Fleap offers digital transformation, financial instruments, and blockchain solutions to businesses. Through these services, Fleap aids businesses in their digitalization journey, making it easier for them to perform their daily operations.


AMCO is a gateway for financial asset management solutions. It consults businesses on how to effectively manage their financial assets, leading to an optimized and streamlined financial operation.

Hercle Financial

Through its low-latency technology, Hercle manages to provide end-to-end prime-brokerage solutions and trading algorithms to institutional investors.


Providing asset management companies with the advantage of AI, Anylogix enhances their investment process with explainable AI technology.


UpSideTown is a fintech firm that provides real estate investment and transaction services. It allows investors and buyers to make more informed and profitable real estate investments.


iCASHLY is an application designed to manage savings and payments. In an era where everything is going digital, iCASHLY provides a comprehensive solution to handle finances.


Splitted offers the ideal platform for pooling money for any occasion, gift, event, or project. Be it a collective gift, or a project fund, Splitted presents an alternative to traditional crowdfunding methods.


Founded by Marco Tricarico, Redi Vyshka, and Francesco Laffi, Switcho is a software company that allows users to manage their expenses effectively by finding self-tailored deals.


ViteSicure is a platform for accessible, self-service, and instantaneous financial security. The company was founded by Alessandro Turra and Eleonora Del Vento.


Faire.ai offers a next-generation credit platform for banks and financial institutions based on open banking data. Founded by Giorgio Fiorentino, Faire.ai utilises AI and Machine Learning to carry out its operations.

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QUANTEYE specializes in automating the process of personal investment. Co-founded by Fabrizio Mobrici, QUANTEYE provides a program that aids personal investors in managing their investments. Unfortunately, QUANTEYE does not have a website at the moment.


Tot is a business banking platform for small and medium enterprises. Founded by Andrea Susta, Bruno Reggiani and Doris Messina, Tot strives to make banking processes easier for businesses.


Viceversa provides capital to European digital businesses to facilitate growth. Co-founder Matteo Masserdotti, in association with Patrick David and Pedro Machado Salvi, laid down the foundation of Viceversa to aid businesses financially in achieving sustainable and ethical growth.


Co-founded by Dario Prencipe, Lorenzo Liguor, and Mattia Montepara, Sibill is a fintech company that provides online corporate liquidity management services. It plays a significant role in helping businesses manage their liquidity efficiently.

These are the shining stars in Lombardia’s fintech sector. With their ingenuity and determination, they are all set to redefine the finance sector, one step at a time. As they continue to grow, they can potentially revolutionize the way traditional financial systems operate, paving the way for a digitally-led financial era.

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