Which Italian Startups Are Revolutionizing Big Data Landscape in Europe?

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Italy, known for its rich cultural history and indulgent cuisine, is carving a new reputation for itself as a hotspot for Big Data startups. In a world where data-driven decisions are paramount, these companies are striving to harness the power of Big Data, reshaping industries with unique solutions that leverage the latest technology innovations. Let us delve into 15 of the most promising Big Data startups that Italy has to offer.

These startups have been making waves for their unique tech solutions varying from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), healthcare analytics, cybersecurity, to e-commerce. Each one has been fueling business transformations through insights from copious amounts of data, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Big Data.

These leading startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML for novel applications in healthcare, security, e-commerce, and much more. Brave and visionary, they’re creating profound impacts and developing a benchmark for other players in the industry. Here’s the inside scoop on these trailblazing enterprises.


Founded by Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Francesca Troiano, and Francesco Biasibetti, Elysium is a health-tech startup leveraging various technologies to provide access to historical patient information. Its unique blend of health tech and machine learning stands out in the industry.


Revelis is a startup that develops AI and Big Data analytics solutions to tackle complex business problems. Although little is known about its founders, the company is certainly making a mark with its innovative tech advantage.

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Founders Christian Sciuto, Federico Pucci, and Lorenzo Tarantino created Daskell as an AI research center that doubles as a venture studio. Their focus on AI and Big Data technologies distinctly positions them in the software industry.

HFactor Security

With a keen focus on cybersecurity, HFactor Security innovates using AI and machine learning to protect businesses. The company appears to be on the path of setting a unique standard in cybersecurity solutions.


P4Future drives transformation services in the consulting, digital, technology, and operations sectors using the power of Big Data for project management. This makes them one of the key players in the European tech industry.


TREE-TOWER offers digital solutions for material and production processes. The startup innovatively leverages the power of Big Data and CAD to provide groundbreaking solutions in the manufacturing industry.


InThink is a robust tech firm that provides machine learning and AI solutions using Big Data. The company’s push for tech intelligence has made it a leader in the AI revolution.


Brainaetic has built its primary solution around Big Data management and ecosystems creation. The startup is noted for its fantastic work in the database, analytics, and software industries.

Trieste Valley

Trieste Valley offers digitalization, artificial intelligence, and Big Data analysis services, proving again that AI and Big Data are significant disruptors in today’s tech world.


InCodice helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) digitize their business operations, with unique offerings around Big Data analytics, AI, and production management services.


Founders Bryan Atienza Natavio and Eleonora Bove created Deliverart as an all-in-one food delivery management software platform. They leverage Big Data to streamline restaurant operations and improve customer experiences.

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IDK is an IT company that uses AI, Big Data, and Augmented Reality to transform businesses. Their use of wide-range technology sets them apart in the industry.


Found by Gabriele Taviani, SLYMETRIX is an E-Commerce Business Analytics SaaS tool that leverages Big Data for better business intelligence and digital marketing outcomes.


Founded by Andrea Luzardi and Luca Crugnola, Impus helps individuals improve their soft-skills through personalized growth paths powered by Big Data, signalling the positive impact of Big Data in personal development.

Digital Strategy Innovation

Digital Strategy Innovation is a professional services firm offering IT consultancy, systems integration and digital services. Their use of Big Data marks them as a lead player in the consulting and technological innovation landscape.

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