Which Italian B2B Startups are Pioneers in Transforming the 2023 Market?

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If you’re looking for some of the most innovative and interesting B2B startups in Italy, you’ve come to the right place. Italy is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious food. But, it’s also becoming a hotbed for technology and innovation, especially in the B2B sector. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the most intriguing B2B startups in Italy. From high-end fashion to food, and from artificial intelligence to web development, these companies are making a name for themselves not just in Italy, but all across the globe.

These startups are providing varied services to other businesses in areas such as digitization, advertising, supply chain optimization and so much more, thus contributing to the overall growth of the European startup ecosystem. Here’s a closer look at the 15 unique B2B startups that are making a big impact in Italy and potentially beyond.

As we delve into these 15 startups, we’ll provide a brief description of the company, the industry they’re operating in, and we’ll also provide a direct link to their website for more in-depth information. Let’s get started!


Co-founded by Ciro Di Lanno and Martina Capriotti, Mirta is a B2B platform specializing in high-end wholesale. It combines a marketplace with an order management software, providing a seamless way for fashion brands and retailers to connect and do business.


Pascol is a supplier of beef, integrating food and beverage with marketing and shipping to provide high-quality products to its clients. Despite the sparse information available about its founders, it is certainly making its mark in the B2B sector.

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Offering advanced engineering solutions, 2SMArtEST revolutionizes pipe coupling systems through their novel technology. This startup operates in the realms of Apps, B2B, Industrial Engineering, and Product Management.


Valuelead caters to the advertising, B2B remote sales, and lead generation needs of Small and Medium Enterprises. Known for its vertical content provision, this company is changing the landscape of B2B advertisement.


Innovatively harnessing digital marketing, information technology, and internet, C2b4food brings together products, producers, retailers, and consumers of fruits and vegetables, playing a crucial role in the B2B food sector.


Vehnta is providing B2B sales, lead generation, and business consulting services, aiding business development and consulting at a wider scale.


GoBiz is a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence and blockchain, bringing together tech-intelligence with B2B services.


Ingeia represents multifaceted B2B services for multiutilities and companies operating in facility management, providing integrated solutions for increased efficiency.

Comeback Welfare

Change-makers in the field of corporate welfare, ComeBack Welfare assists companies in transforming business purchases into a source of financing.


Consultala provides software solutions for personnel management, employment contract generation, and training plans for apprentices, merging HR services with software solutions.

Star System

Star System is a B2B distribution company specializing in security, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, and fire prevention systems, securing businesses with their advanced technology.


Founded by Adelio Bollini, Alan Gallicchio, and Alessandro Colosi, Ecomate is an ESG platform that monitors companies’ performances, blending B2B services with softwares concerning enterprise and sustainability.

Euroservizi Impresa

Euroservizi Impresa is a consultancy firm that provides consulting, inspection, auditing, and training services, specifically for the food industry. It is a one-stop solution for food industry-related business services.

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Cibuspay is revolutionizing the payment industry by offering a business meal payment system. It is a unique addition to the financial services sector.


Rightnow, a web agency, provides web and application development services, giving a technological boost to businesses seeking to strengthen their digital footprint.

The diverse flavors of these startups make the Italian B2B sector vibrant and full of potential, further pushing Europe to the forefront of global tech innovation. This roundup is just a snapshot of the exciting things happening in the startup landscape in Italy right now. Stay tuned to our magazine for more such insights into the European and global startup ecosystem.

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