Which Are the Most Influential IT Startups in Hamburg Today?

As Europe’s third largest tech hub and renowned for its port and media sector, Hamburg is home to a varied and vibrant start-up scene. Committed and innovative founders are developing digital solutions in a wide range of industries, ensuring that Hamburg retains its status as a leader in the field of tech innovation. Here, we introduce some of the most promising information technology start-ups shaping Hamburg’s digital landscape.

These companies have developed products or services that leverage technology efficiently to solve problems, streamline processes or improve our lives in some way. All of them are stand-out examples of the power of digital innovation.

So, without further ado, here are fifteen of Hamburg’s most groundbreaking IT start-ups.


Matched.io is a job-matching platform specifically designed for developers. In an industry often plagued by recruitment difficulties and skills mismatches, matched.io uses technology to streamline the job search process and ensure skilled developers find roles they love.


Residential and commercial internet service provider, Greenfiber, operates on a fibre optic network. It’s using advanced technology infrastructure to bring fast and reliable internet connections to its customers.

Crispy IT

Crispy IT provides comprehensive IT solution for web development and office needs, offering invaluable support to businesses in the digital age.

Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V.

The Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V. is shaping the AI ecosystem, connecting research and application in AI, and accelerating the technology’s uptake across the metropolitan region.

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Eschenburg IT

Providing services in data center construction, risk assessment, emergency management, and network technology, Eschenburg IT is a one-stop-shop for a full suite of IT needs.

Gertrud digital

Gertrud digital offers meeting software for corporations, enhancing productivity and streamlining communication in the corporate world.

Cloud Monsters

As a salesforce consulting company, Cloud Monsters enhances businesses’ use of the platform and optimizes processes for better efficiency and effectiveness.

Code of Africa

Co-founded by Anja Schloesser, Code of Africa provides IT outsourcing services, supplying expert tech talent to businesses in need.


AURIGA, co-founded by Lukas Herrmann, believes that customers want more than ordinary advertising. It employs technology in innovative ways to enhance retail experiences.

Receeve GmbH

Receeve GmbH, founded by Michael Backes & Paul Jozefak, offers a fully customizable, all-in-one platform for collections and recovery, proving a boon to businesses in managing their finances.


Co-founders Alexander Braune and Wladimir Huber’s start-up, Finrocks, help businesses to plan and launch projects by developing reliable solutions ranging from MVPs to scalable high-end products.


DevelopX leads the charge in entrepreneurial solutions for complex digital challenges and is a premier digital service provider.


KlickOwn, a platform for blockchain-based investments in real estate, was co-founded by Alexander Braune, Wladimir Huber, and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi. It’s an innovative intersection of fintech and property.


Co-founded by Gianluca-Daniele Speranza and Lukas Waidelich, Cauliflower uses AI to deliver intuitive insights from text, advancing the capabilities of text analytics.


Co-founded by Andrew Tan, layline.io specializes in IPaaS, real-time streaming data, and edge computing – marking it as a promising innovator in the IT landscape.

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