Which Are Estonia’s Most Influential Mobile App Startups in 2023?

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Estonia, known as Europe’s silicon valley, has been a breeding ground for startups, particularly in the domain of Mobile Apps. From bitcoin exchange platforms to innovative fitness solutions, the startup sector in Estonia continues its exponential growth, rivalling some of the regions most entrepreneurial hotspots. In this article, we introduce 15 innovative Mobile App Startups that deserve your attention.

These startups are innovating across a broad range of industries including finance, education, fitness, and travel. Their cutting-edge products and services are being used by millions across the globe and continue to redefine how we use mobile applications in our daily lives. Let’s dive in to learn more about these dynamic companies.

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Zeply is pioneering in the realm of mobile applications for cryptocurrency transactions. Their platform enables users to buy, send, and receive bitcoins seamlessly, further accelerating the adoption of digital currencies.


Co-founded by Jack Elliott, Lemon is a social app that allows users to bring the things they love together. It is a hub for exploring recommendations from top experts in various fields.


Bewezit offers a novel solution for mobile communication in all kinds of organizations including schools, clubs, and associations, thereby fostering a collaborative environment within the institutions.


Dooblu is a software company providing a platform for entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises to innovate and grow. Their offerings span across the domains of ERP, web development, and mobile applications.

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Zelos Team Management

Co-founded by Johanna-Mai Riismaa and Viktor Lillemae, Zelos is a private task management app ideal for gig work and communities. It redefines productivity by effectively managing workloads and schedules.


Uinno, founded by Andrew Sharapo, Pavel Rudyka, and Stanislav Bondarenko, combines innovative ideas with technology to develop successful digital products. Check their offerings here.


Co-founded by Alexander Ragin, Zoftify specializes in customized web and mobile solutions, catering mainly to the advertising and retail industries.


Founded by Kseniya Burn and Vitaly Fedorov, Checkaso is an analytical platform defining an application’s ASOindex. It helps app developers improve their app visibility and discoverability in the app stores.


FASTEP, founded by Sergey Solyanik, is a SaaS platform for work improvement and after-sales service. It blends convenience with performance, offering users an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.


Pointship is an online travel platform enabling individuals to share unused travel rewards with the community. It generates value by utilizing assets that would otherwise go to waste.


Co-founded by Mihhail Pitjem and Pavel Ivanov, Skillus connects freelance specialists with local demand quickly and hassle-free, turning it into a go-to platform for freelancers and clients alike.


FitSphere, co-founded by Karl Vihul and Kristo Sõerd, offers a unique fitness solution through its mobile application. It includes features like competitions, monitoring, and other fitness-related solutions.

App Supports

App Supports stands true to its tagline “Your apps, your rules!”. It helps app users get the most out of their applications, thus enhancing their overall app experiences.


Catcode is an AI-based note-taking tool that integrates digital content with paper notes. It signifies the next stage in the evolution of note taking, blending traditional methods with digital technology.

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It’s evident that Estonia’s app startups are disrupting different sectors offering solutions that were once considered beyond reach. The accomplishments and innovations laid out above, reveal the potential Estonia holds for creating global, game changing products and services.

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