Unveiling Innovative Consulting Startups in Bayern: Shaping the Future of Business Solutions


Bayern, located in the heart of Germany, is a hub of entrepreneurial activity and technological advancements. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable consulting startups that are redefining the business landscape with their cutting-edge solutions. From artificial intelligence and data analytics to real estate investments and digital marketing, these startups offer a diverse range of consulting services. Join us as we explore the dynamic startup ecosystem in Bayern and discover the innovative solutions provided by these consulting pioneers.

1. deepc: Revolutionizing Radiology with AI

deepc is developing the AI Operating System for the future of radiology, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform healthcare diagnostics. Website

2. E-mobilio: Driving Sustainable Mobility through Advisory Services

E-mobilio is a manufacturer-neutral advisory and brokerage platform, offering comprehensive consulting services to drive the adoption of electric mobility. Website

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3. Immoheld: Digitizing Real Estate Transactions

Immoheld is a digital transaction platform that streamlines real estate investments, providing a seamless and efficient experience for buyers and sellers. Website

4. Global Climate: Enabling Measurable Climate Protection

Global Climate offers a financial data-based carbon controlling system, empowering organizations to achieve tangible climate protection goals based on real values. Website

5. MSAID: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

MSAID specializes in software development and data analysis services, helping businesses harness the power of data to make informed decisions and drive growth. Website

6. Datadice: Unleashing the Potential of Data Strategy

Datadice is a software development company that provides consulting services in the areas of Google Cloud Platform, digital analytics, data warehousing, and data strategy. Website

7. Black Monk: Empowering Businesses with Digital Marketing Expertise

Black Monk offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including strategy and consulting, marketing automation, SEO, SEA, and social media, to help businesses thrive in the digital age. Website

8. BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing: Driving Brand Cooperations and Licensed Products

BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing specializes in developing and implementing commercial brand cooperations and licensed products, helping businesses expand their brand presence. Website

9. ScaleITS: Delivering Innovative IT Solutions

ScaleITS is an information technology company that offers consulting, project management, and security services to help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure. Website

10. Focal Analytics: Unifying Data for Actionable Insights

Focal Analytics is a data analytics software company that collects, merges, and interprets data from various sources, providing businesses with valuable insights for informed decision-making. Website

11. Gravitate: Securing IT Infrastructure and Ensuring Data Protection

Gravitate is an IT consulting firm that specializes in monitoring, security, and IT data protection services, ensuring businesses have a robust and secure IT infrastructure. Website

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12. Syngenity: Driving IT Excellence in the Automotive Industry

Syngenity is an IT service provider catering to the specific needs of the automotive industry, delivering innovative IT solutions and security measures. Website

13. SellVision: Enhancing Customer Engagement through Video Calls

SellVision offers a tool that enables dealership salespeople to connect with customers through one-way video calls and screen sharing, revolutionizing customer engagement in the automotive industry. Website

14. Businettes: Empowering Female Businesses with Digital Marketing Solutions

Businettes is a consulting firm that provides digital marketing, branding, and web design services tailored specifically for female entrepreneurs and businesses. Website

15. ScieTec: Enabling Seamless Project Management for Engineering Projects

ScieTec specializes in interface management and project management for complex engineering projects, ensuring seamless collaboration and successful project outcomes. Website


The consulting startup scene in Bayern is thriving, with innovative companies revolutionizing industries through their expertise and forward-thinking solutions. From AI-powered radiology to sustainable mobility and real estate transactions, these startups are reshaping the way businesses operate and thrive in a dynamic and ever-evolving business environment. Keep an eye on these Bayern-based consulting startups as they continue to make remarkable contributions to the consulting industry and drive digital transformation across various sectors.

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